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Welcome to this Peng Joon Wow Secrets Review. Whenever I pick up a new Warcraft guide, I like to think that I'll be surprised, or at least mildly interested by what I read. But, of late, it seems like everything I find is either older and less detailed than anything I've previously read online – and the rest of the content is recycled or old – already patched up and useless.

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Wow Secrets

What Is Wow Secrets Guide?

So, when I checked out Warcraft Secrets recently, I was extremely surprised by exactly what the website claimed it to be – a detailed, thorough, and multi-guide package to help you play World of Warcraft in a new and exciting way – something I have not enjoyed in quite some time.

The Wow Secrets guide itself comes with a ton of new features that I had never before seen in a set like this. The first of those is that it is a monthly subscription. You get a new guide each month to add to the initial signup – which is a very impressive package all by itself. You also get a ton of ways to enjoy end game content. This isn't just PvP or PvE or gold making – it's all of them, and there are a bunch of different other features in there that I've been enjoying along the way as well.

When I first started playing World of Warcraft, it didn't seem like I would ever run out of things to do. These days, I've caught up with a lot of Blizzard's surprises. This means that I'm a bit more surprised with what is still available for me to do than I expected. If you're like me and are starting to feel a little bored with you account, check out Warcraft Secrets and be prepared to feel reinvigorated with the wave of new content and strategies that are out there.

Wow Secrets

Wow Secrets Review

So, the time has come and Warcraft Secrets has finally launched. What does that mean for you, as a highly invested, time hungry World of Warcraft player? For me, it means I need to start prioritizing what I'm going to do in the game each and every day, because for the first time since WotLK was released, I feel like I have no idea what would be best to work toward.

That's a nice feeling, and it's one a lot of players are going to grow familiar with again as they wait for Cataclysm information to hit the Internet. Here's the reason why. Warcraft Secrets doesn't just come with regular old gold, PvP, and PvE information. It throws in just about everything you could think of for all of these aspects of the game, and tosses in a bunch of other cool stuff for features like Achievements, and much more over the course of the game's progression.

You'll be shown just about everything you could want to do at Level 85 and ways to excel at every single piece of content you'll face when you get there.  Just consider how many things there are to do at Level 85. Here are just a few of the examples, and I'll bet some of these are not things you currently participate in:

  • Raiding
  • Arena
  • Battlegrounds
  • Daily Questing
  • Gold Farming
  • Crafting
  • Leveling
  • Achievements

And that's just a sampling – each of which is covered at some point by Warcraft Secrets. Hopefully you're now starting to see why this guide set is so incredible and why you might consider adding it to your bevy of potential guides to work with.

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I don't review a lot of guides. Scratch that – I don't review any guides any more. Why would I? There are so many reviews out there and so many opinions that mine would probably just be redundant in most of its observations. So, I try to keep it to myself most of the time.

That said, I saw the newest big guide hit this month with Warcraft Secrets(Wow Secrets). Since we're in between content (and my guild has already cleared to the current cap in Darkwing's Descent), I'm a little bored and thought I'd give it a shot.

Let me preface the rest of my post by saying I'm pretty happy with where I am in the game. I have mostly Tier 12 gear, a pretty solid grouping of achievements, and plenty of arena points and honor. I don't need to do anything better – at least not right now.

So, when I opened up Warcraft Secrets(Wow Secrets) and started checking out the things that I could be doing differently – including a slew of gold making tactics (go Auction House gold!) and achievements I hadn't realized I needed to get (but I very much do), I started reading in earnest.

The one thing I like most about Warcraft secrets too is that each month, I get a new guide added on that includes a ton of new information. Granted, I've only gotten one update thus far, but it was fantastic and I've already found a half dozen new things to work on in the game that I had not previously thought to pursue. In short, I've rediscovered a ton of new features in WoW that I had been ignoring for a long time, and am having a blast doing it – which makes my outing with Wow Secrets highly recommended for anyone else in the same boat.

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Wow Secrets

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