Wii Unlock Plus Review

Wii Unlock Plus ReviewHi! here. Welcome to my Wii Unlock Plus Review. I am sure that you want to know whether Wii Unlock Plus is a scam or not and if it really works. I completely understand how you feel because just a few weeks ago, I was looking for a review of Wii Unlock Plus myself.

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Wii Unlock Plus Overview

Wii Unlock Plus claims that it’s software can unlock your Wii within 48 seconds without using a Modchip. It also promises that you’ll be able to install and play any and all home brew applications and games. Is it actually possible to get these kind of results though, or is it too good to be true.

I decided to write this Wii Unlock Plus review to give my honest feedback. I’m going to cut to the chase here and tell you straight up that Wii Unlock Plus DOES perform as advertised! Whether you’re interested in playing region-free backup games, MP3’s, DVD’s, or homebrew apps this software does an excellent job at facilitating each of these functions. Personally, I think the most valuable aspect of this software system is the way it allows you to access homebrew apps without going through the expense and pain of installing a Modchip.

The bottom line here is this: If you’re looking for a way to safely unlock your Wii without going through the risk of bricking the unit or voiding the manufacturers warranty by installing a Modchip then this is an ideal solution. For literally a fraction of what you would pay to install a chip you can have access to a method that is simple enough for someone with virtually no computer experience to use.

Benefits of using Wii Unlock Plus

  •     Unlock any Wii console across the world without any hardware modification and no modchip.
  •     Make your Wii a home media center giving you the ability to play music, use video formats including MP3, AVI, MP4 ect.
  •     Play HomeBrew applications and games for free including HomeBrew Channel, Wii Earth, and Pong.
  •     Play legal downloaded games, imported games from other countries, and backup games.
  •     Play games from SNES, NES, N64, Sega Genesis and other classic consoles.
  •     Also play legal backup and downloaded GameCube games.

Wii Unlock Plus ScamWii Unlock Plus Review – The Good Points

  •     It can unlock any Wii unit anywhere without going through the risk of installing a Modchip or other complicated external hardware.
  •     The software is designed to be simple enough for anyone to use. This was one the most impressive features of the system for me. It’s literally a plug and play piece of software.
  •     Allows you to turn your Wii into a full media entertainment center. You’ll be able to play what ever DVD’s, MP3′s, AVI, MP4, etc.
  •     It’s a risk free trial. You can try it out for up to 60 days and still get all your money back if you don’t like it for any reason. Just email the vendor asking for a refund and it will all be credited back to your account within a couple of days.
  •     You can even play old NES, Sega Genesis and other old school classic console games! Along with the fact that you’ll be able to access the homebrew channel and apps and play for free, this makes it incredibly valuable.

Wii Unlock Plus Review – The Bad Points

  •     The sales page is a bit over hyped when it claims to be able to unlock your Wii within 48 seconds. I had to spend about 15 minutes tinkering around before everything worked perfectly.

Wii Unlock Plus Worth a Try?

All in all, the entire package contains many things, including the unlock software itself, and a homebrew database filled with homebrew games, homebrew applications, as well as the latest cheats, guides and unlockables for over 600 Wii games. It also includes many themes to enable customization of the Wii’s home menu. For its minimal cost, it does what it says, and there appears to be no problems with most, if not all games. In addition, it eliminates the need to install any potentially dangerous hardware, and gives the best benefit of all: saving money. So for hardcore, adventurous gamers who are willing to milk their console for everything it’s worth, and who can take a little risk, Wii Unlock Plus can be worth the effort.

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