Violin Master Pro Review

Violin Master Pro ReviewHi! Thanks for visiting this Violin Master Pro Review. In this article, you will find what the Violin Master Pro is all about and how it can teach you to pull the strings like Mozart. Well, okay, not really like Mozart. But by the time you are done with this course, you will surely be capable of playing some of his pieces!

What is the Violin Master Pro?

The Violin Master Pro is an online course that teaches you how to play the violin. It is composed of high-quality instructional videos made by Eric Lewis, the renowned first violinist of the Prometheus Piano Quintet. He is also a member of the famed Manhattan String Quartet. At the same time, he is Professor of Music and Director of Chamber Music and Orchestral Studies at the Western Connecticut State University. With over 40 years of teaching experience, Mr. Eric Lewis sure is a master and reliable tutor for both beginners and advanced violinists alike.

How can the Violin Master Pro help you?

Under the guidance of Mr. Eric Lewis, you will be able to…

Read music
Play the violin like a pro and get the perfect bowing technique in just a few hours into the program
Play music from memory using the Violin Master Pro ear training method
Play the violin in every style: classical, jazz, pop, fusion, Latin, European, rock, hip-hop, folk, country, etc.
Master rhythm and become an accurate player

How much does the Violin Master Pro package cost?

You will gain instant access to the videos and eBooks when you purchase the program for a one-time fee of  $27.

Should you get the Violin Master Pro?

If you are determined to learn violin quickly and at a less expensive cost than having a personal trainer, then the Violin Master Pro is definitely for you. It can teach you how to play the violin within a short span of time using the tips shared by Mr. Eric Lewis. Speaking of Mr. Lewis, he is without doubt a master with his craft and it would be a big privilege to be trained by him.

What’s even better is that the Violin Master Pro allows you to learn how to play the violin at your own pace. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how busy you are! If you have some time to spare, just watch one video at a time. Given that, I would recommend you to download the videos instead of just watching them online. This way, you can get back to certain videos anytime. As regards to the quality of the videos, they are superb! They still look great even if you watch them full screen.

So, you want to learn how to play the violin? Or perhaps, do you want to be a better violinist? You certainly won’t go wrong with Eric Lewis’ Violin Master Pro. At $27, it sure is worth it!

Violin Master Pro Review

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