Video Traffic Academy Review

Video Traffic Academy ReviewHi! Welcome to my Honest Lewis Howes &  James Wedmore Video Traffic Academy Review, Video marketing seems to be the growing trend when it comes to marketing online, and it's no surprise. Countless Internet marketers have used it to expand their online businesses. Video Traffic Academy is a new course created by Internet marketing experts Lewis Howes and James Wedmore, and is a training package that can eliminate almost all of your troubles related to videos when it comes to promotion. In the following article, we will look at how this course can help you propel your business forward and why you need to buy it.

Video Traffic Academy Official site

What Is Video Traffic Academy?

Video Traffic Academy is a course designed to help internet marketers to understand how to create and popularize the best videos for driving traffic and sales to their websites. This course covers several different topics, ranging from the basics of using sites like Youtube as publicity vehicles, to creating good videos and video optimization, to advanced techniques for using videos for promotion purposes.

Few other courses cover all of the information that this course does, which makes it very valuable for both marketers who are missing out on what video marketing has to offer them, and marketers who aren't sure how to go about making the kind of videos they need. Video Traffic Academy can help with virtually every aspect of the video internet marketing process.

Video Traffic Academy Review – The Good Points

  • The best feature about Video Traffic Academy is how the information is presented. A lot of people who get into internet marketing are self-taught, and it's good to see a marketing course like Video Traffic Academy that uses things like real world examples, case studies, and plain language.
  • This course treats video sites like Youtube as a community, like the social networking platforms that many internet marketers are already very familiar with. This couches the ideas outlined in the rest of Video Traffic Academy in simple concepts that are easy for anyone to understand and implement to their business' advantage.

Video Traffic Academy Review – The Bad Points

  • The main negative points about Video Traffic Academy had to do with the video quality itself. Though the videos looked good, the audio portions weren't always loud or distinct enough.

This is easy enough to circumvent using the downloadable transcripts available on the site, but might be a bit of a pain for some viewers who just want to watch and listen along without having to refer back to the printed transcript.

Users can also download a short “Cliff's Notes” version of the course, a PowerPoint presentation on it, and mp3 audio. However, actual copies of the Video Traffic Academy videos themselves are not available for download.

Video Traffic Academy Review – Conclusions

The Video Traffic Academy course is a very high-quality program that does an excellent job of teaching marketers the ins and outs of using video upload sites to increase their traffic and sales.

Their website includes course material in a variety of formats, ensuring that the courses are easy for anyone to pick up, regardless of their particular learning style. Anyone with a website or e-business to promote should at least give this course a try, the variety of topics that it covers means that there will be something for everyone to learn, from green marketers to seasoned professionals.

If you're an internet marketer, Video Traffic Academy may be one of the best things you can do for your business. We have found Video Traffic Academy to be the best investment for any online business owner who wants to expand their business with Lewis & James expert video marketing techniques. So you should buy Video Traffic Academy for your online business, it's worth every cent.

So,Why are you still waiting for? Go ahead and Grab it right now..

Video Traffic Academy Review

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