Unexplainable Frequencies Review

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Unexplainable Frequencies Review

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Unexplainable Frequencies Review

Unexplainable Frequencies is a website that gives recordings that may provide you with brainwave altering experience. They are saying ‘Life is frequency,' and thus if you desire to heal, grow, and alter, the recordings and frequencies you're able to access through this amazing site could possibly be ideal for you.

With Unexplainable Frequencies, you can find or purchase Custom Frequency Recordings or Sessions. It provides recordings for memory, manifestation, health, wealth, lucid dreaming, self-hypnosis, confidence, relaxation, love, weight reduction, creativity, sleep, and much more. There's also Direct and Bilateral Frequencies that you could download according to your ultimate goal or need. Including frequencies for total knowing; growth and success – related to Jupiter; eliminating fatigue; anger management; unlocking the pleasure centers of one's brain; beauty, sexuality, and harmony; practicing self control through meditation; yet others. Additionally, additionally, it offers frequencies useful for weird effects then one that simulates the result of marijuana.

Besides the Custom Sessions as well as the Direct Frequencies, Unexplainable Frequencies also offers package offers so customers can conserve cash with their purchases. There is the Money Maker Package, including the Manifestation Custom recording, the Prosperity recording, and also the visualization recording; as well as the Weight-loss Package, which include Make your Confidence Instantly, Weight-loss Custom, and Powerful Self-Hypnosis Custom. To keep your the actual Mind Package, Heal & Grow Package, Chill & Relax Package, Artistic Skills Package, and Indulgence Package.

Customer Testimonial

I bought this mp3 which helped me to visualize and calm my mind's chatter. I was surprised how quick my head winded down and melted away, leaving me inside a perfect visualization state. This recording did what it really claimed – Matt

I have been a past customer for quite a while on Jim's past store. Best of luck I ever tried of Jim's is totally brilliant. I'm an individual forever. – Janet B.

I suffer from panic and anxiety attacks often , nor prefer to take medication because of it. I've always looked for other options, usually causing disappointment and no results. However, after hearing this recording throughout a anxiety attack, it reduced the problem relax and ultimately leave my anxious frame of mind. I am going to definitely look out for further anti-anxiety/relaxation recordings! – Rebecca S.

I been hearing the easy astral projection custom session and i also will often feel my body system tingling and beginning to shift around. I do believe I am traveling the astral plane before Yes, it.. Thank You Unexplainable Frequencies – Sheekar G.

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