TradeMiner Review

Hello and thanks for visiting this TradeMiner Review. TradeMiner is a groundbreaking product for finding seasonal cycles, trends, and patterns in stocks, Futures and Forex. It is an innovative software tool that helps identify opportunities by using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and brute force mathematics.

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TradeMiner Review

What is TradeMiner?

TradeMiner is a trading software by Gecko Software, Inc. It has the ability to find seasional cycles, trends, and patterns in any platform – Forex, Stocks & Futures. Now here’s the good news: You don’t need years of experience in trading anymore.
TradeMiner is programmed and created from a group of professional traders, senior market analysts, and the CEO of Gecko Software, Lan H. Turner.

Lan H. Turner has conducted and taught live trading seminars around the world, and is also the Editor in Chief of PitNews Magazine. And he has also contributed to making this software a dream come true.

TradeMiner Pros

  • You don’t need any knowledge of Technical Analysis or Fundamental Analysis to use this software!
  • A very use-friendly software. Just configure a few settings and a few clicks of the mouse, and the program will start analyzing for profitable trades!
  • The application has all the professional trading strategies implemented. NO risky trading strategy.
  • Analyzes and shows you the probability of profitability and success before you execute a trade.
  • Excellent Exit-Strategy to cut losses to the minimum and profit as much as possible.
  • Even a newbie/beginner investor/trader can benefit from this software!
  • Works with any brokerage accounts!
  • 60-day 100% Money Back Guarantee should you not be satisfied with the product.

TradeMiner Cons

  • TradeMiner is not a website, but a java application/program (able to run on PC, Mac, or Linux).
  • A good computer, with about 1GB of RAM and above, is recommended to run this application.
  • By paying $97, you can only obtain one system (Stocks OR Forex OR Futures). Fortunately, there’s a bulk discount if you want to buy all 3 systems to trade.

What can TradeMiner do for you?

For more than a decade, TradeMiner has been acknowledged as the leading trading tool for market analysts, system signal providers and Stocks, Futures and Forex, newsletter authors and magazine publishers. Lan H. Turner, President and CEO of Gecko Software, INC. (the makers of TradeMiner), believes that this product can get you way above average market returns with significantly lower average risk by only trading the highest probability trades.

Generally, TradeMiner software digs through millions of records searching for profitable trade of over 80% in the past 10 to 15 years. This tool performs a historical back test of the market and reveals markets that are proven to be highly repetitive in nature. Markets have a tendency to repeat themselves over and over thus creating a recurring price pattern, trends, and market cycles. It gives a trader an advantage over the market by utilizing this information.

This software uses an artificially intelligent data cube that allows the computer to calculate and find millions of trades in a matter of seconds. In every search, you will be provided with historically accurate trends that have been profitable 80% to 100% of the time for the past year or even decades depending on how far you search.

TradeMiner is actually user-friendly. The navigations are quite easy to use. You can accomplish a number of tasks with just a few clicks. Plus, all the tools are easy to access for you to use. It is easy to install on all operating systems that supports Java including MAC and Linux. TradeMiner can also run offline.

By investing in this revolutionary software, you can expand your research capability and improve trading opportunities. There are millions of potential trades you could make everyday. The only thing you need to do is to find where they are and what they are through TradeMiner.

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TradeMiner Review


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