Total Surfing Fitness Review

You probably have observed another Total Surfing Fitness Review but none of them shows you that Total Surfing Fitness SCAM or certainly not!. In our Unbiased and Honest one, could tell you how Clayton Beatty put a lot of things about Total Surfing Fitness that suite for your need…

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Total Surfing Fitness Review

Total Surfing Fitness Review

  •     Author Name : Clayton Beatty
  •     Official Website :
  •     Supreme Feature: 100% Money Back Guarantee before 60 days
  •     Price: $4.95

Total Surfing Fitness is really a 12-week comprehensive program produced by Clayton Beatty that may teach how you can gain a stronger and fitter body for surfing. In Total Surfing Fitness, Clayton Beatty explains the way to surf for very long periods, improve board control and balance, try new styles and tricks, avoid likelihood of injuries, and feel less exhausted after surfing.

Clayton Beatty can be a Certified Fitness Trainer having a BS in Human Movement who may have been surfing for many years. He's also helped others to get professional surfers. This step-by-step guide includes every one of the material that the professional surfer needs.

In Total Surfing Fitness, you receive three separate e-books divided by level. Level 1 features beginner exercises; Level 2 offers intermediate exercises; and Level 3 provides advanced workouts. Each level was created being a four-week program that will assist you develop lower and upper strength, cardiovascular stamina, and much more.

The entire Total Surfing Fitness package with bonuses is accessible for $37. You are able to make the most of a 21-day free trial just for $4.95, then you spend the rest of the $32.05.

Customer Testimonial

I recently purchased your total surfing fitness program to obtain fit revisit Australia to surf (I currently reside in London ), I went surfing in Ireland the other day and also the difference was remarkable. A combination of exercises specifically made to produce surfing muscles has truly helped. My core muscles are considerably stronger and my arms were no t nearly as tired. Over-all a great job! The e-mail reminders keep me focused to make me believe I can do anything whatsoever within the surf now! Help you inside the surf – Mark

Hey there, I am amid my surf vacation on the Canadian East Coast- your training curriculum has definitely solved the problem take my surfing to a different level, which includes made the trip all of the better!  This really is only my second time surfing, and something with the results of your training is the fact that I will be now riding a 7 foot board, instead of the 11 foot Styrofoam bus i learned on in Maui a couple of years back.  I've taken advantage of the core/stabilizer training exercises that I'm discovering that it has allowed me to maintain my balance while i wake up. I am not fatiguing as soon as well. I have also been punching the pool three per week doing front crawl 30 days prior which helped too. Continue the solid work Clayton! – JP

The surf fitness training reduced the problem improve my strength when paddling and my cardio strength also. My appearance is better, my arms really are a extra toned and rather than creating a 4 pack now i use a six, I also are already able to perform more powerful turns. – Naomi

Just a quick note to state that I've began to possess some of one's advice into my existing fitness routine but that there has been a marked improvement thus far. I'm a little land locked within Brisbane , nor get into the lake just as much as I want to, but the core and stability exercises of yours appear to be giving me a benefit once i don't realize to the beach. And obviously the more time in the water, the greater the stoke, so I'm keen maintain the progress. Great, please keep me knowledgeable with the advice and expertise, cheers – Bradley Conn

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