The Vertical Project Review

The Vertical Project ReviewHi! Welcome to this The Vertical Project Review, This Review will discuss the details of The Vertical Project, which is a vertical jump program developed by Luke Lowrey and endorsed by recognized figures such as Nike trainer Ganon Baker..

The Vertical Project Official Website

What is The Vertical Project?

The Vertical Project is vertical leap programs created by Luke Lowrey who claims you can gain of 8-14 inches in 60 days with full money back guaranteed. After 12 months of intense research, Version 3 of Luke Lowrey’s Double Your Vertical Leap™ system has finally been completed. However, Is The Vertical Project Scam? Is this Vertical Project a real deal or just another vertical jump programs. This vertical system shows you step by step exactly how to double your vertical leap. It is based on fast twitch muscle fibers. Fast twitch muscle fibers are used for exercises that are quick motion. An example of this would be the vertical jump. This is the absolute most easiest to jump higher but there is one problem… Everyone is training their slow twitch muscle fibers.

The Vertical Project Pros

  •     Most importantly the vertical project produces results no matter what your expirence level is. You might not double your vertical leap but 8 inches is easily achievable.
  •     You do not need anything else or need to purchase any fancy training equipment.  A gym can maximize your vertical project results but is not required.
  •     Along with the workout is an explanation along with pictures on how to perform each exercise. Most other vertical programs expect you to know the proper technique and how to do the exercises already.
  •     This program is very cheap. You can get it for only $26.00 through my link instead of going to ($497 on their website)
  •     Along with just the program itself Luke Lowery offers coaching calls. Here he will answer all your vertical jump questions as well as more information to help you jump higher.

The Vertical Project Cons

With any vertical program there are going to be flaws even with the vertical project. Here is what I did not like about this vertical system.

  •     The program was very long and detailed with a lot of science explanation. I do not not really care about any of the science behind it myself. Luckily the system is separated into 3 modules so you can just skip it.
  •     It is not a physical program either. You must read all of the information on your computer which can be kind of a a pain.

Our Verdict – The Vertical Project

Should you trust Luke Lowrey? Should you buy The Vertical Project training program? This one is the grand daddy and the system everyone is talking about and it delivers. Like the old words said You get what you pay for Don’t let the price of the Vertical Jump Project scare you. With an amazing $100 dollar giveaway to those who do not see the guaranteed gains and the most technically advanced program ever sold to the public every dollar you spend will be well worth it when you are reaching new heights you never even dreamed of in the past.

Download The Vertical Project Program

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