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The Vagina Bible ReviewHello and thanks for visiting this The Vagina Bible Review, You might have heard that the best way for you to tighten your vagina is to grab The Vagina Bible. However, you might still be skeptical if this thing works or not. Because of that,I made this The Vagina Bible review for you. The Vagina Bible review here discusses things to you and shows you that this is a real deal. I'm telling you, you'll be excited with this awesome product, and it can help make your sex life more wonderful than you have ever experienced before!

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My Honest The Vagina Bible Review

The Vagina Bible is made up of 9 Chapters, each one building from the last. This book gives you a full run down on the ins and outs of your vagina.

In Chapter 1 you are introduced to the PC Muscle (Pubococcygeus) which is the main focus of the book's tightening program. You will learn about the muscles discovery, and it explains how this muscle plays a vital role in improving female orgasms and preventing incontinence.

In Chapter 2 you will learn about common misconceptions regarding the vagina. One myth it debunks is the tighter is better myth. You probably have heard this, right?

Actually, this is not the case. When properly stimulated and aroused, the vagina naturally lubricates and loosens to accommodate the penis during sexual intercourse. If you're too tight for penetration, then you'll have to read the Vagina Bible's secrets found in this chapter.

Chapter 3 covers things like the benefits of strengthening your PC muscle, some of which are better sexual pleasure for you and your partner, and strengthening the pelvis after childbirth and treating incontinence in weakened bladders.

Chapters 4 and 5 tell you how to locate and exercise the pelvic floor muscles to help increase vaginal strength and sensitivity. You'll learn proper breathing techniques to use during kegel exercises, and avoid improper form and function which can deter progress. Special vaginal exercisers such as Ben Wa balls are also discussed in these chapters.

In Chapter 6, you will experiment with your new found sexual prowess. You will also learn ancient sexual techniques that are proven to bring men to their knees. You will also learn a clever and simple way to make your partner cum in orgasmic bliss. Once you use these techniques your man will never forget you!

In the closing Chapters of this guide, you will touch on some highly controversial topics, such as the female ejaculation, G-Spot orgasms, and proper clitoral stimulation. The key is to let go of all of your preconceived notions and hangups as you read through this section. If you do that, there is potential to increase the quality, frequency and intensity of your orgasms by 1000%.

The Vagina Bible ReviewThe Vagina Bible – Some benefits of Kegel exercises are

  • Help achieve multiple orgasm
  • Helps in strengthening of your muscles
  • Gaining control over them
  • Helps to avoid continence
  • An enjoyable sex life
  • Enhances your inner beauty and makes you confident
  • Makes you feel young
  • Helps in child birth and regain strength of your muscles after the birth of your child.

This concludes my review of The Vagina Bible. This product has helped many women, including myself tighten their vagina. The current price of this product is $29.99, and it does offer a 60 Day Full Money Back Guarantee, so you can try it risk free.

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