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The No Red Face Formula Review

What is The No Red Face Formula?

The No Red Face Formula is the solution you’ve been waiting for if you develop that embarrassing Asian Flush problem every time you drink alcohol. It you suffer from it, you know it can put a damper on your social life. If you’ve consulted a doctor, he or she probably told you there is nothing that can be done since it’s a genetic problem. If you have searched the web for answers, you may have found some questionable medications that promise good results but may be unsafe.

With The No Red Face Formula, you don’t have to worry about safety or efficacy. It’s a one-of-a-kind, safe, cheap and effective remedy for your Asian Flush reaction, developed after considerable research and experimentation. Even though this reaction cannot be cured, you can stop it from occurring. This is what the book teaches you – with the simple program you will be able to permanently prevent that embarrassing reaction.

You can finally get a hold of the answer you’ve long sought by purchasing The No Red Face Formula. You’ll get a whole new outlook on your social life for only $23.95.

My The No Red Face Formula Honest Review

I am Japanese and I suffer from alcohol allergy which includes a severe Asian Glow reaction whenever I drink alcohol. For those who don’t know, the No Red Face Formula is a product that claims to fix your alcohol allergy and Asian flush by providing an empirically tested’ step by step formula that they guarantee will work – but really?  I had my doubts… and rightfully so. So, I went on to their website. They claim to have 10,000 satisfied customers but only have testimonials from about 20!  Sure, i guess they couldn’t fit all 10,000 on the page, but I found it very hard to believe. Then again, I thought, a product that actually DID fix one’s alcohol allergy or Asian flush would indeed attract a lot of people.

So my curiosity got the better of me. I suffer quite bad alcohol allergy, one of the symptoms being severe Asian flush around my face and neck area. I decided to give it a try, I mean what the hey? It offered a money back guarantee, so I really wasn’t risking anything by trying it. I entered my credit card details and proceeded to the checkout – and that is when disaster struck. My internet explorer crashed! …and to make things worse, I logged back on to the website and could not access the book!!  I had jut given away $37 for nothing!  Sure its not a lot of money, but still, I would have liked to get at least something back for my investment.

So I proceeded to email the administrator of the No Red Face Formula and foresaw having to explain the whole story to them including having to convince them that I actually DID make a payment and that I was not trying to waste their time by lying to get a free copy of the No Red Face Formula. To my complete surprise, one of the administrator’s personal assistants go back to me within minutes and without asking ANY question and without inferred any dishonesty on my part was able to provide me with a fresh download link for the product.

Very impressive service – but did the No Red Face Formula live up to its bold claim of providing a complete cure for the symptoms of alcohol allergy including an Asian glow reaction? I sat down and tried it. It does take quite a while to follow the step by step course on the first time around – but then after the first time it can be done in minutes before going out drinking. I had followed all the step EXACTLY as they described to the most precise detail – they was no chance that I had done anything wrong. If this didn’t it would be because of no fault of mine.

The No Red Face FormulaFirst drink… fine. Yes but that was normal – I usually flush after my second drink. So I served myself another one and drank it very quickly.  30 minutes later I could really start to feel the effect of the alcohol. My breathing was normal and my head was not aching, nor was i feeling itchy or nauseated as I normally would. Ok, this is a good start. ‘By my face is red for sure’ I thought, I can feel that it became slightly warm after the second drink. So, I ran to the mirror and looked at my face. NO REDNESS AT ALL! I couldn’t believe it…  So i went back downstairs and poured myself 3 shots of whiskey. Ok, this will really test it out. My tolerance to alcohol is weak at the best of time – 3 shots of whiskey would be enough to have me slurring my words.

I downed the three shots in a row and waited 30 minutes, giggling to myself at how drunk I had become in the process of testing The No Red Face Formula. By this time I was having troubling walking properly and when I made it to the bathroom I honestly could not believe it. My face was NOT RED AT ALL. My eyes, we slightly bloodshot, which I was able to cure in minutes with an eye dropper. But my face, was normal – not red at all. In addition to that, my head was normal – no headache, no nausea, and no itching!

The No Red Face Formula Worth a Try?

I doubted the No Red Face Formula – I really did. But it does work in fixing alcohol allergy and Asian Flush – That I can promise you. I have intentionally devoted this site to promoting their product as I was very happy with the results and I think that Asian flush sufferers worldwide should have access to this great cure. In this regard, if you would like some more information about the No Red Face Formula please click on the promotional banner below.

Click here to risk freely download The No Red Face Formula

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