Stay Forever Thin Review

Stay Forever Thin Review

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Hello and thanks for visiting this Stay Forever Thin Review. Does The Stay Forever Thin System Really Work or Scam? Is Legit? Please keep reading my The Stay Forever Thin System reviews in the following, I will tell you all the truth about it.

What Is The Stay Forever Thin Plan?

The Stay Forever Thin System, The Only Weight Loss System That Comes With An Advanced Fat Burning Supplement Created By Dr. James Pendlleton. Sell Just 200 Copies And Make ,700 In Commissions! Sell 500 Copies And Make ,250 In Commissions! Stay Forever Thin is an hCG diet plan based on Dr. Simeons research in the 1950s. It is as complete as any hCG package I have everseen. When I added up all that comes with it, I came up with a price right around $200. However, Stay Forever Thin is currently on sale for $77

What Does Stay Forever Thin Include

As I have said, this is a pretty complete package which includes the following…

  •     Stay Forever Thin e-book
  •     Stay Forever Thin e-book
  •     DVD Video Interview with Dr. Pendleton
  •     Complete Positive Habits audio book CD
  •     Plus the 28 day supply of Optimized HCG Activate Diet Drops (Hormone Free) This is enough to lose between 15 and 25  pounds or more.
  •     The 5 Part Weight Loss audio

All of this material sold separately would easily top $200 but as I said before you can get it for $77

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Stay Forever Thin Review

The Problems I Have With Stay Forever Thin

Before you buy Stay Forever Thin you should be aware of some of the concerns I have with it. There  are 2 major areas that cause me concern.

  •     The doctor that developed this plan is not a medical doctor, but  instead is a natural and prescriptive medicine doctor. I just want you to be aware of this fact. He doesn't try to hide this fact in anyway so I am not  faulting him for anything, but I just want  to make sure you are aware.
  •     The 2nd area of concern is with the hormone free drops. These are a rather new development with the hCG diet and you need to be aware that hormone free drops contain NO hCG at all. The claim is that they contain blend of powerful amino acids and other natural ingredients that is suppose to create the same reaction as hCG.

What I Have Witnessed With Stay Forever Thin

I have witnessed the use of this plan and it works as well as homeopathic hCG diet drops, but if you have spent any time  reading this  blog you will know that I have my doubts about homeopathic hCG as well.

Stay Forever Thin Review – The Bottom Line

The bottom line is this, if you are willing to use homeopathic hCG drops for the hCG diet then Stay Forever Thin is just as good and considering the price it is actually better. My first  choice is still injecting real hCG. Injecting hCG is difficult since you have to either pay through the nose at  an hCG clinic or order it from an overseas pharmacy such as All Day Chemist and then mix it yourself and self inject each morning. With the Stay Forever Thin system, you don't have to do any of this. You get a complete turnkey diet with the first 30 days supplies provided for only $77

The Stay Forever Thin System is an excellent deal for the affordable price and it is a well made product that actually works. it provides fully customer support. And also it gives 100% Money Back Guarantee. You can download the product at a special discount from the link below.

Stay Forever Thin

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