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SMTP2Go: The Best SMTP Server of All Time or Not?

E-mail is such a commonly used digital process that most of us simply sign up for it, use it and that’s it. Most free e-mail providers like Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! maintain a steady up-time and it’s pretty rare that these are down for maintenance or offline for other reasons but it does happen. Paid e-mail providers or those specifically associated with your business or website almost never go offline at all making them the obvious choice for business professionals. Just for a moment stop to think about how e-mail actually works. I bet most people you know apart from IT guys don’t really know. Before we talk about SMTP2Go let’s get a better grasp of what’s going on when you use e-mail.

Using E-mail

When you use any type of e-mail it’s almost set up like a traditional post office. You have a SMTP server that relays the messages to and from a POP or “post office protocol”. The POP acts like any mailbox and you can retrieve and store all your mail there.

Issues arise when you use a specific work or website e-mail that is linked to your ISP (internet service provider). Many of these e-mail providers will only work from a couple ISPs you specify when you set up the service so while traveling, it simply will not work properly.

SMTP2Go vs Similar Services

What makes SMTP2Go better than some other companies is reputation, price and services offered. You can do comparisons but SMTP2Go is simply the most well rounded option. They have multiple cheap pricing plans and their most expensive is $4.99 per month and covers 300 e-mails per day spread across 5 or more e-mail accounts. They have a comprehensive video tutorial for PC and Mac users and you can keep your existing e-mail, you won’t have to use @SMTP2Go or anything else that isn’t what you’d want.

Some other similar services are very limited in what they offer and might make you use their own addition to your existing e-mail address or have no video tutorials. This makes SMTP2Go one of the best out there as of Summer 2012.

Smtp2go User Testimonials

Johnny Wink: Easy to use, affordable, and very reliable

This is very easy to use compared to other email programs out in the market. I’m not that tech savvy, but I need my email for business, and this works great for email management. Also, I get to access my email wherever I am, and since the family loves traveling this helps a lot. It’s also quite cheap for a one time payment of less than $30 you get all the benefits of other more expensive email services. Since I used this service, I’ve never had any email problems. And you know how important an email service is to a businessman like me. I get to answer queries wherever I am, and I also get to offer support to customers even if I’m away from home. This is definitely a must-have for people who use email frequently.

Anonymous ( User)

“In Smtp2Go, it is possible to send emails without changing the ISP server even if you change from a desktop computer to a mobile phone to send email. This is because with Smtp2go they aggregate all the ports that need switching from one ISP server to another. This means that in cases when you use a laptop computer or a mobile phone to send email, you can always use the same ISP server.”

H. Arora (Reviewout)

“When you subscribe to the SMTP 2 GO services your work is done. All you now have to do is to set it up as your default email server through simple steps. From then on just send your emails and leave the rest to them.”

David lee: Ended my email problem for good

I didn’t know there was a service like this and my email has caused me problems for such a long time. I travel a lot as I work for an international contact center, and I always bring my laptop along with me. I use email for communicating with clients so using a generic email address isn’t possible. This service ended my problem for good.

The Bottom Line

SMTP2Go is the perfect solution for business people who want to maintain a standard e-mail for employees who need to do a lot of traveling or for those who simply connection hop multiple times throughout the work week. It doesn’t matter if you’re a start-up web company or a Fortune 500 mega corporation, this is a service that is easy to use and is guaranteed to work.

There’s a free trial available on the official site so you can see exactly how it works. We've reviewed every major SPTP service around, and essentially, the corporate options (for business and mass email senders) are very similar in performance.

However, for the individual or the traveler, by far the best solution is called SMTP2Go

Key Points: Works globally – send emails from anywhere! you only have to set it up one time ever! And the connection speed is consistently fast.

smtp2go review

It’s highly recommend to try SMTP2Go for who are a traveler or a freedom man. Before purchasing this, you should consider your email quantity you send everyday to choose the plan.

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