Singorama Review

Singorama ReviewHello and thanks for visiting this Emily Mander Singorama Review, The Singorama How to Sing Like a Professional training package guarantees to offer you the courses and assistance essential for you to acquire the voice of a professional in a matter of ninety days!

What is Singorama?

Singorama 2.0 is an interactive and user-friendly singing program designed by Emily Mander, a singing and vocal trainer popularly known for employing a series of distinct vocal training techniques. This online program helps users to perform like expert singers in less than three months time. It assists to perfectly control the vocals, enhance singing voice, develop the ability to read musical chords, sing in harmony with a band or group, eliminate stage fear and execute perfectly during auditions.

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It primarily features 28 different audio lessons that facilitate to easily understand the fundamentals of musical theory by improving one's own voice quality. Besides the 28 audio lessons, Singorama package contains mini-recording studio software that enables users to listen to their own singing by recording on a computer. This voice listening feature offers the ability to identify weak areas and make better improvements. It comes with a virtual piano that aids individuals to stay on pitch during the recording process. Similarly, it includes pitch perfect software that assists to recognize all 36 musical notes on a chromatic scale.

Other added benefits include advanced free audios on vocal strengthening and warm-ups designed to loosen the voice and improve tone or pitch quality. While interval training exercises help to obtain a better knowledge on minor and major key intervals to effortlessly learn songs even before listening to them.

Singorama Pros

Singorama comprises of simple and motivating procedures that assist to accomplish a notable performance. It is an ideal tool for both professional and novice singers as it offers suitable information on harmony which is also considered helpful for experienced singers. It allows users to sing in a flexible manner during solo concerts or when performing in a group.

The step-by-step program does not force users with warm-up exercises to develop voice but helps users to gain more knowledge on both practical and theoretical aspects of singing. It also educates on getting over habits like bad seating postures, perfectly blend chest and head voices etc. In addition, it aids to integrate one's own style and personality in a song to make it appear as an individual possession. Above all it enables users to keep track of overall progress during each stage of the program.

Singorama Cons

Although Singorama offers several benefits, it also has few shortcomings. It is a high-quality and well-packed audio lesson that requires self-discipline and regular practice. The package is not a worthy choice for individuals who do not have adequate time to spend on a daily basis. It is necessary to allocate about 30-40 minutes time every day during the first two weeks of the training to enhance vocal skills. Besides this, it involves a very slow learning process that could make students uninterested and develop a casual attitude during the initial stages of the program.

Singorama Review Verdict: Best Value Singing Lessons!

Emily Mander's Singorama 2.0 is helping aspiring singers the world over to achieve their dream of singing like a professional. Having tested and compared a large number of home study singing courses, I have found Emily Mander's Singorama 2.0 to be the most comprehensive. Singorama offers a well balanced mix of theory and practice and is an excellent choice for both novice as well as more experienced singers looking to improve their singing quickly and easily. Singorama is without a doubt one of the best value for money singing courses available anywhere.

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Singorama Review

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