Simple PHP Review

Simple PHP ReviewWelcome to this Simple PHP Review. Do you want to learn how to create your own website and make it come alive? Do you want to stop shelling out hundreds of dollars to programmers to make your website for you?

What is Simple PHP?

Simple PHP is a downloadable eBook that serves as a guide to creating your own website using the PHP scripting language. The book is composed of 17 chapters with a total of 148 pages. It is very concise and informative and is written in a very understandable manner that allows even the non-techies to understand. It is actually a very reader-friendly book that will enable you to begin creating your website starting from the very first page.

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The author of Simple PHP is Robert Plank. He has a BS Computer Science degree and is the coder of many web applications such as Lightning Track, Redirect Pro, TurboThanks and CodeWarden. Despite the computer degree, it is impressive how Robert was able to bring down the explanations to a level that can be understood by the common person.

What can you do with Simple PHP?

Simple PHP will teach you how to do the following:

Code games, polls, quizzes and other tools
Develop your own personal autoresponder
Mix PHP together with Javascript and embed within html applications
Make your own personal .htaccess program code
Use redirect scripts in order to conceal your affiliate links

Should you get the Simple PHP eBook?

We all know that there are a lot of free guides out there that can teach you how to create your website. However, the author of the Simple PHP eBook, Robert Plank, is also right in saying that it would be difficult to gather all the good info and install them to your server. With that said, I would say that the Simple PHP eBook is a good place to start learning. With its very understandable language, you are surely going to be able to create your website in no time.

Furthermore, this package contains very good videos to help you visualize what you learn from the book. For only $39.95, this sure is a bargain as compared to hiring a programmer. All you really need is a little time and determination on your part. Your website will surely be up and running real soon. Purchase the Simple PHP package now and begin creating your website! Good luck to you!

Simple PHP

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