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Rocket Piano ReviewHello and thanks for visiting this Ruth Searle Rocket Piano Review, Fast-track piano learning with the use of multimedia resources is an excellent idea, providing step-by-step instructions, tips and training techniques to have you playing in no time. You will be taught techniques like improvising and playing-by-ear, how to read music and much more besides.

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What is Rocket Piano?

Rocket Piano is a series of eBooks, games and MP3 files that you can download if you pay a fee and become a member. The eBooks cover everything you could ever want to know about playing the piano. The eBooks offer instruction for beginners, advanced play, finger techniques and exercises, music notation, techniques to optimize your learning, as well as lessons on how to play gospel and jazz music.

Some of the lessons have audio recording but they do not have a video or an animated keyboard. The videos that are included are not songs, but a view from over the shoulders of a player demonstrating a specific technique. The well-designed games included cover chord identification, sight-reading, and pitch recognition. Rocket Piano only offers email support but their response was quick and helpful.

Despite the great lesson material Rocket Piano offers, the product lacks some key features. It does not include the ability to progress tracking and cannot give feedback on performances. It is not compatible with a keyboard or other MIDI device and does not have a recording station.

Rocket Piano Highlights

  • Step-by-step Piano Lessons (supported by video and audio files) organized into 3 high quality books.
  • Discover how you can train your ear to identify all the various piano notes, by playing Perfect Your Pitch Pro.
  • Discover how to master impressive skills, such as the various fingering techniques, how to play by ear, arpeggios, how to play Jazz.
  • Learn all about how your brain processes information, and how to maximise your piano practice time.
  • JaydeMusica, a game which is designed to help you learn how to read music.
  • Cutting Edge Metronome.
  • Learn step-by-step how to play gospel piano.
  • 126 sound files, 13 video lessons and 4 software games.
  • Discover how to play jazz piano.

rocket piano softwareRocket Piano – The Good Point

  • Rocket Piano really does an amazing job at teaching you to play piano like a professional. If you have never even touched a piano before, no problem. It starts out as basic as showing you how to sit properly at a piano; and by the end of the first six lessons, you will already be playing a song.
  • The amount of detail truly puts Rocket Piano above the rest of the competition. Everything is explained very thoroughly and they are sure not to teach over your head. The amount of content available is amazing. You can learn from simple online lessons, download the multiple e-books, listen to tons of audio lessons, play with the jam along tracks, and even watch video lessons. The multiple types of lessons help to suit every single learning style out there.

Rocket Piano – The Bad Point

There were not many cons really. Although they were not near as bad as most sites, there were still a few ads here and there in the members area trying to get user to upgrade. Even if the deal is great, I would rather not have to mess with the ads being in the way.

Is Rocket Piano Recommend?

Yes. The bottom line is that Rocket Piano is made by professionals, to turn more people into professionals. It has a wealth of great material that will really help you learn how to play the piano. Once you understand how the e-book and corresponding audio works, you will have a better feel for how long each lesson might take you.

For those serious about learning the piano and for those who like to learn using a variety of methods and material, Rocket Piano is definitely the answer. The Rocket Piano advertises that you will obtain quick results from this complete package and that it is easy to use.

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Rocket Piano Review

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