Rocket French Review

A lot of readers have asked for a Rocket French review. Why? Well, I think it has to do with the Rocket French website. They use a veryRocket French sales-heavy approach that turns a lot of people off. What the site says sounds good, but they aren't sure if they can trust Rocket French. My Rocket French review aims to clear that up-to look beyond their marketing and review their actual product to let you know if it's right for you.

What is Rocket French?

Rocket French is a fun and interactive course for learning French. It consists of downloadable transcripts, audios, and games that are bound to arm you with enough French vocabulary and conversational skills to be able to survive traveling abroad and even flirt with a French guy/gal. It will also help you learn the language pronto!

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Furthermore, you can easily transfer the lessons to your iPod or mp3 player so that you can learn French just about anywhere!

The Full French Course

Marie-Claire RivièreIt may sound daunting to think that each of the 45 minute courses in the Rocket French package lasts for around 2 hours, but remember that you can take this at your own pace, and skip or revise whichever bits you choose!

With the MegaVocab games, you are able to add in the words and pictures of your choice to create a personalised interactive French word bank which can be printed out or played on the screen. The freedom to choose which specific vocabulary interests you is very useful, especially if you are learning for business reasons rather than pleasure-you don't need to clutter your knowledge with chatter about the beach or what's on at the cinema!

The oral and aural section of Rocket French, MegaAudio, covers 20,000 words altogether, and you're bound to find what interests you most here! Being able to listen carefully to real French as it is spoken and then try to copy this is useful, and the games get more difficult according to your progress.

When I was at school, I used to despise our French Grammar lessons, but with Rocket French, I found this aspect of learning French relatively painless due to their MegaVerbs games.

To buy or not to buy Rocket French?

Rocket French is just an amazing online course! Each audio lesson consists of Paul and Claire making conversation. You are then asked to repeat the words aloud. After the lesson, Paul would ask you how to say certain phrases you just learned. This way, you will surely be able to master the words with constant repetition and immediate feedback. When Rocket French said their course is interactive, they really stayed true to their word.

As for the online interface, it is very easy to navigate. I'm pretty sure you won't get lost. You may also opt to download the audio files, although they're kind of large, so that you can take Rocket French wherever you go.

Try out the online course for free and see just how fun and easy it is to learn French with Rocket French!

So, should you buy Rocket French? I say, definitely!

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