RiffMaster Pro Review

Riffmaster Pro ReviewHello and thanks for visiting this RiffMaster Pro Review, In this Riffmaster Pro review, we'll cut straight to the chase and tell you that this software is actually a very good learning tool to help you improve your guitaring IF what you are after is software that helps you transcribe guitar parts by using your ear and developing your pitch recognition.

Riffmaster Pro – Easy to use

Even if you're completely tech illiterate, Riffmaster Pro is very simple and straight forward to use. If you can import, playback and EQ songs in Windows Media Player or Apple iTunes, you'll have no problems using the Riffmaster Pro software, it's really that easy! Riffmaster Pro nurtures you to improve your note and chord progression recognition skills and because of that, you develop a better musical ear. How does it do this for you? I'm glad you asked!

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You can import your favourite song you want to learn into Riffmaster Pro software, adjust the playback speed and equalize it to bring out the guitar section a little more. By slowing down the playback of the song, you can work out much more easily that solo or chord progression. You can then practice along to the slower version until you've got the knack of that guitar part and gradually speed it up to original speed.

Riffmaster Pro PROS

I bought Riffmaster Pro 15 days ago, and have spent quite a lot of time playing around with it. Here are some of the things that I really like about Riffmaster Pro.

  • Easy To Use: I normally hate learning to use new software that I buy. But I found Riffmaster Pro very easy to use. It has a very simple user interface that is intuitive to use. It only took me a minute or two to figure out how to load in a song in and slow it down.
  • Excellent Sound Quality: Even when listening to the slowed down version of the song, I still found it easy to hear all the notes clearly.
    Pitch Function: I loved the pitch function of Riffmaster Pro.I was able to take a backing track and change it into a different keys. This allowed me to use the same backing track to practice soloing in different keys. Very cool.
  • Reasonbly Priced: To be blunt $47.00 is NOTHING when I think about the time this software will save me.

Riffmaster Pro Cons

I found it hard to think of anything negative that I could say about Riffmaster Pro. But I refuse to write a review without at least one criticism. Lack Of Manual: Although Riffmaster Pro does have five easy-to-follow training videos, I feel that some people might prefer a written manual of some kind. (Perhaps as a downloadble PDF document). We all learn differently, and some people prefer reading to watching videos.

Riffmaster Pro review summary

All in all, Riffmaster Pro delivers and does what it says it, it improves your guitaring by allowing you to learn and work out songs through developing your pitch recognition otherwise known as playing by ear. Riffmaster Pro is straight forward and very easy to use that even someone who isn't techno savvy will have no trouble using it.

Riffmaster Pro Review – Conclusion

This is one cool piece of software. I always think to myself, Ah, I've seen everything! But this one's a little different. While some software sequencers costing hundreds of dollars can do the same thing as RiffMaster Pro, I've never seen this all put together in one simple, cheap package. Thanks for reading my RiffMaster Pro review, I recommend you check it out if you're interested in slowing music down to have a better understanding of it. It's available for instant download, so you won't have to wait to use it.

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Riffmaster Pro Review

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