Pro Flight Simulator Review

Pro Flight Simulator ReviewHello and thanks for visiting this Pro Flight Simulator Review, When I first started using Pro Flight Simulator, I was a bit frustrated with the simulator, as they’ve literally tried to make the flying experience as realistic as possible, so you have to learn a number of controls before you will be able to fly.

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What is Pro Flight Simulator Software?

Pro Flight Simulator will be the answer to the prayers of those who always wanted to fly a plane themselves but until Pro Flight Simulator Reviewrecently didn't have the money or even the resources open to achieve this. Real life flying learning could possibly get very expensive (and a little risky too), and many flight simulation softwares costs runs as much as thousands of dollars. So, there aren't much options left for average folks as you and me.

Pro Flight Simulator can be a flight simulation software game that permits people like us to try out flight simulation from the comfort of our own home from my own computers (both pcs and macs). It has several aircrafts available with true to life cockpits, accurate terrains, a large number of destinations with actual life aircraft reactions plus much more.

My Pro Flight Simulator Review

I got myself a copy of the game and immediately fell under a spell and spent several hours flying. It was so easy to get lost in the virtual world very quickly and it felt like an amazingly authentic flying experience. The graphics are really nice and you can tell someone had put a lot of time and effort into creating this game. The city simulations aren't quite as detailed as real life, but all the major stuff is there: the buildings, the roads, car headlights visible from the sky.

I was able to pick the perfect plane, as promised, and flew over Paris and Florence. After a few hours, the sky started getting dark. I called up my friend to ask why my blue skies were fading away and he said, It is called night. Pro Flight Simulator accounts for the passage of time!

I have had a copy of ProFlightSimulator for a while now and it continues to be a worthwhile purchase and takes up most of my gaming time. One of the great things about the flight simulator is that it comes with a free life time upgrade so it is continuously updated with new aircraft's, scenery and flight paths.

Pro Flight Simulator – Good and Bad thing

  •  The bad is you can't jump into the simulator and fly one of the more complex planes without learning how the plane works.
  •  The good because once you've learnt a particular airplane, you'll have an extremely realistic flight simulator.

This is not a simple action game, so please think about this before you buy it. You will need to learn quite a lot of aircraft controls, so I suggest you learn with something like a Cessna C172 at the start. Do not try to fly something like a CitationX jet (unless you already know how to fly a CitationX) when you first fly this simulator, as you will just get frustrated.

Saying all that, I really did have a blast learning and making stupid mistakes along the way. Just remember, it's a simulator airplane game, not an arcade game. That concludes my ProFlightSimulator review and I have to admit that I am now a self confessed addict. I would recommend you download Pro Flight Simulator and try out this brand new fight simulator out and see for yourself what the hype is all about!

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Pro Flight Simulator Review

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