Master Mentalism Review

Master Mentalism ReviewHello and thanks for visiting this Mr. X Master Mentalism Review, If you want know how to learn mentalism and you are looking for a comprehensive review of Mr. X Master Mentalism lessons and guide book, then rest assured, you are in the right place.

What is Master Mentalism?

Master Mentalism is an e-book filled with secrets revealed by Mr. X – one of the most sought after pro-magician who refused to release this material without using an alias, simply because he would be the most hated guy around for revealing the secrets. It reveals the secrets behind the magic tricks of magicians like Criss Angel and David Blaine – the secrets that have been kept hidden for years.

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How is Master Mentalism different form all the other Magic Books?

Most magic books out there are filled with useless material that teaches old and boring tricks, Master Mentalism seems to be on a different level though. It reveals plenty of secrets from the greatest magicians, instead of teaching the same old boring tricks. It is also an E-book which can be downloaded instantly upon payment.

Mr. X Master Mentalism Include:

Consists of 223 pages and six chapters:

  • Mentalism, Mind Reading and Psychological Illusions
  • Psychological Illusions
  • Interviews with Criss Angel and David Blaine
  • David Copperfield Secrets
  • Levitation Techniques
  • Card Tricks
  • Hypnosis
  • 2 Bonus Books For FREE: David Blaine Brutally Exposed, Over 500 Card Tricks Exposed

Is it suitable for a beginner like me? Is it easy to learn?

Yes and no. Some magic are of beginners skill level, and others will take longer to learn. You can't expect to become a master magician overnight. If I have to summarize what I think of this book, I would say that it is made for those who simply enjoy seeing jaw drops, hearing ohmygaaaawd; those who love being in the limelight.

Is Master Mentalism Scam? Can I get my money back?

Master Mentalism comes with a 60 days 100% Money-back guarantee. You get to keep the books even if you decide to get a refund! Sounds a little crazy to me… makes me wonder how he makes money. Anyway, it also comes with 2 bonus books which can be downloaded with the main copy upon payment.

Master Mentalism Overall:

  • High level magic tricks secrets
  • Comprehensive but easy to understand.
  • Covers a wide variety of magic, including Criss Angel, David Blaine and David Copperfield's magic.

Is Master Mentalism Worth a Try?

In my opinion Master Mentalism is geared for the serious magician and novice who is willing to take the time to master the specific techniques that made the greats great. For those who are serious enough about there magic, I think that Master Mentalism is one of the best helps out there for making leaps and bounds of improvements in your abilities and originality. Master Mentalism will not only help you do your tricks better, but it will also give you the tools to create your own tricks or add more impressive authentic twists to what you already know. Unless you are not sure if you will still have interest in magic by next week, I would definitely recommend picking up a copy of Master Mentalism.

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Master Mentalism Review

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