Lift Like A Girl Review

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Lift Like A Girl Review

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Lift Like A Girl Review

  •   Author Name : Nia Shanks
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Understand how you are able to sculpt your body you need and appearance your best possible without following strict diets and performing grueling workouts in Lift Like A Girl. This 5-part video series (over 2.5 hours altogether) by Nia Shanks is jam-packed with everything else you'll want to “lift being a girl and appearance absolutely awesome.”

With Lift Like A Girl, become familiar with the way to you could make your own training programs depending on your level of experience, available equipment, time for you to train, as well as your unique physique and gratifaction goals and preferences. It features simple, effective, and no nonsense workout and nutrition principles which will help you feel the very best you possible. This informative guide will provide you with the opportunity to study from Nia's personal experiences with weight training, nutrition, and disordered eating patterns, along with her experience as a fitness expert.

The entire Lift Like A Girl video guide will educate you on the value of adopting flexible eating patterns that work well to suit your needs, how you can reap the greatest results from the workouts, what you should learn about cardio, the way to achieve your physique goals inside a stress-free way, plus much more. The guide includes resistance training and nutrition resources, along with resistance training templates which you can use to generate your own personal training programs.

Like a free bonus once you download Lift Like A Girl, you'll get a relevant video demonstration series for many of the very most popular exercises. Also to complete this comprehensive guide, you'll access the Eat Being a Girl video, which teaches you simple guidelines for stress-free eating; and also the Think Just like a Girl video, which teaches mental resistance training as a possible important component for the success.

Customer Testimonial

I've now managed to look over everything and that i must say it is absolutely AWESOME!!! I enjoy it! You don't only set everything outside in an obvious, easy to understand way, but hearing you go through it will help it all to be so easily absorbed! Now I have to admit the very first time I took a peek I had been kind of overwhelmed because there are many info and being anyone I will be I always tend to skip for the end of something without following instructions.However while i began to listen to the videos I did not would like them to end, they flow very well from to another and the depth of information you've shared is within this kind of clear to see way – really invaluable!!  I spent years being mis-guided by second rate trainers saying do more cardio to lose weight naturally, work tirelessly until you're almost puking! as well as on the surface of this no mention or suggestions about nutrition! I make the effort with plenty of cardio each day, ate you might say I was thinking was healthy (following government guidelines!!) and became 280lbs (I'm 5'4 !!). Lift like a Girl is surely an invaluable help guide to training and lifestyle! You covered my way through a straightforward common sense way! – Amanda

 I have just watched your entire videos and looked with the workouts. The videos are chockful of useful and sensible advice for females in any way fitness levels. While hearing yourself the videos I could not help but believe that you've basically come up with an encyclopedia on training with weights. Its all inside: methods of training, how to build your own personal workouts, great suggestions about the right diet, the importance of positive thinking, useful reference materials, plus more! I'll definitely refer to the videos whenever I've got a question or doubt about my training. And, I can not wait to start out making use of your workouts…there are plenty of variations, I am busy for a long time using these! –  Sara

I think the Lift Like a Girl Guide is a good resource for females looking to explore the field of strength training for the first time, and anyone who has toiled away independently and merely haven't gotten the outcomes they'd expected. This video series offers you every one of the tools you need to be successful along with your training and nutrition and takes the thinking from the equation so that all you have to do is defined is within the work. Getting results is rarely easy, but Nia's program certainly causes it to be a lot easier. – Ben Bruno

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