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Lets Get Social Review – What Is It

Lets Get Social is a training product put out by Ryan Deiss and Kate Buck. Kate is a social media manager who works for pretty big companies, managing their social profiles. She does all the time consuming stuff like posting status updates, sending tweets out, posting youtube videos and answering comments… All that stuff! The kicker is that she makes $X,XXX a month from these companies! That's what Lets Get Social is all about – teaching you how to do the same for businesses in your area!

Now, the flipside of the Lets Get Social product is that if you're a business owner, you can use the course to train your employees how to manage social media presences for you! I actually like it better for that application. Either way, it's solid and has a lot of good training, whether you plan on implementing it for businesses or use it for you own.

Lets Get Social Review – What I Like

The thing I like about Lets Get Social is that it's to the point and actionable. It has simple, easy to follow videos teaching you everything from setting up your own social media presence to interacting with customers and prospects, to what to say and when to say it!

If you're looking to make money doing it for other businesses, it's awesome for that as well. It really depends on what you're looking to do with it.

Lets Get Social Review – What I Don't Like

If I had one major gripe about Lets Get Social, its that it does a poor job of helping you pick up clients. It does an ok job by showing you how you can pick up clients through social media or direct mail, but the content and training in the client-getting area is poor.

Lets Get Social – Overall Thoughts

Whether you're looking at Lets Get Social as a make money online product or a way to jumpstart your social media marketing and presence online, you won't be disappointed. I've send a bunch of business owners to Lets Get Social and a bunch of friends who are trying to make some money from local clients, and they all like it the same. It's a good product!

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