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Hello and thanks for visiting this Tiffany Taylor Guy Gets Girl ReviewGuy gets girl is not for everybody, if you've come here thinking that guy gets girl will give you chat up lines or some magical tactic that no one knows about and works 100% of the time on any girl effortlessly. Don't waste your money because you won't find anything like that in guy gets girl. I'm not saying that guy gets girl is rubbish, what I am saying is… if you're the type that thinks sleazy chat up lines or tactics work, and looking for more don't buy guy gets girl!

However, if you're one of the smart few who actually realizes that chat up lines don't work, but want to know how women view the seduction game, so you can create the perfect persona that women fall for regardless of looks, wealth and so on… Continue Reading because I'm about to show you what you will discover inside guy gets girl and how you can benefit from it!

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Guy Gets Girl Review

My Guy Gets Girl Review

It's a Saturday night and you wanted to go out. You called all your friends to check out if there were interested in joining you to find out that all of them went out with their girlfriends. You realized that you don't have any. You tried to check out the girls you know and found out that all of them were not free. How unlucky you are! It doesn't matter anyway since when you go out either with friends or alone, you hardly do anything right to get close to the girl you like. Well you are not alone. Many men suffer the same problem.

If getting the girl you like is what you want when you go out on Saturday night, then you may have to look for a guide on how to do that. Since you are here, you may be interested in checking out this book called Guy Gets Girl. You might want to know if the book worth your money and time for buying it. Here are some of the insights that may help you make your decision on this book.

What's inside Guy Gets Girl?

In Guy Gets Girl, Tiffany provides information and insight about how the female mind works the way it does. She mentions that women have certain emotional and mental triggers that make them do or act in a certain way that is not based on logic. Once a man knows how to switch on these triggers he will be able to make a women feel emotionally connected with him in a romantic way. This is very interesting and I have to agree.

The ebook talks about how the female mind does not work in the way it should. Logically, women should avoid bad boys or jerks but they are just attracted to them because these guys know how to make her feel excitement, anger, passion and give her extreme emotional highs and lows. These things are what creates attraction.

Guy Get Girl By Tiffany TaylorMind you, the Guy Gets Girl book is not set out to transform you into a bad boy or jerk, but instead talks to you about what you need to in order to also replicate these sensations in the minds of the women you are seeing. There is also a detailed section about what to avoid in conversations after you go on a first date and the best places to take women out that will not cost you an arm and a leg.

The book is written in 2003 by a female author. Tiffany Taylor claims herself to be a successful author of several best sellers. She said she sold several thousands copies of this book during the past years. You can see the picture of Tiffany as shown above. I don't know if this is her genuine photo. If so, she is one of the gorgeous looking girls then. She even posts her voice on her site. If you go to Guy Gets Girl, you will hear her voice. Anyway, that is not what we are going to discuss here.

It is designed to give the reader the step by step approach to woman. Tiffany said she saw a lot of man misunderstood on what woman wants and they ended up disappointing themselves when it comes to getting the girls out. She can't help coming up with the information she think valuable for men to make use and attract girls. She believes that the guide written by woman will make man understand woman more than the guide that is written by man.

Guy Gets Girl will provide you:

Volume 1 of Guy Gets Girl Includes the following

  •     Constructing Your Confidence – how to get rid of approach anxiety and change your attitudes of failure.
  •     Moving In on the match – how to approach women and conquer the opener and awkward silence
  •     Dating Dos and Don'ts – how to flirt and present yourself for the event
  •     Sexual Tension Tamers – how to understand her signals and one night stands
  •     Continuing the courtship – knowing when to go into a relationship

Volume 2 of Guy Gets Girl includes

  •     Everything You Always Needed To Know About Dating and Getting Laid By The Hottest & Most Attractive Babes, But Didn't Know Who To Ask – this is a whole book dedicated to decoding the female mind!

Volume 3 of Guy Gets Girl talks about

  •     Preparing for advanced seduction – understanding body language and signals
  •     Scoping – advanced scoping tactics for targets
  •     Approach/opening – what are the things you need to say, such as time limitations and rules of approaching
  •     Advanced conversation theory for the pickup – discussions about using wingman, sharing the floor and stealth tactics.
  •     Closing – how to to get her to give you her real number and move onto seduction

Does Guy Gets Girl work as claimed?

I think you should look into it and make sure that you follow the process. The books are sold in thousands of copies with the money back guarantee. If it is not that good, it should not last long in this competitive market.

How update is Guy Gets Girl?

Since the book was written in 2003, Tiffany said that she had just updated this book in 2008. So you don't want to be worried about the outdated content according to her. The book claims that you can win woman you like no matter how beautiful she is. It doesn't matter how you look as long as you know the right techniques which are taught in the book.

The standard package comes with four bonus books. Mostly they are about sex and conversation technique. The upgrade version comes with more bonuses which are about hypnodate, penis enlargement and orgasmology. I think you can decide if the bonuses interest you.

Is Guy Gets Girl Worth A Try?

Guy Gets Girl is divided into 3 volumes, from beginners, to intermediate to advanced. That's why it's user friendly but also a little confusing at times. There are also 3 sweet bonuses provided by Tiffany Taylor right now if you get it soon! Another selling point is that this book is unique as it is the only one written by a female who knows what she's talking about.

I particularly enjoyed the detail Tiffany Taylor puts in when she talks about body language and how men can use their body language in ways to attract women without saying a word. One last thing, Guy Gets Girl comes with a 100% risk free money back guarantee. Tiffany's so confident in that if the book hasn't helped you in your love life, you can get it for free and get a full refund.

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Guy Gets Girl

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