Fat Burning Furnace Review

Fat Burning Furnace

Hello and thanks for visiting this Rob Poulos Fat Burning Furnace Review. We take Diet Reviews seriously, and we thoroughly read every diet plan we review so you can be confident that the information on this page is accurate and honest.

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Fat Burning Furnace Overview

The Fat Burning Furnace System by Rob Poulos is a 158 page guide on how to lose fat and gain lean muscle in order to look better and also raise your resting metabolic rate. That is the furnace part, the author talks about how you can raise your RMR so that your body burns hundreds more calories each day, effectively putting you on a diet by that many calories each day without you changing your eating habits.

It is a well written and detailed guide, although slow to start with lots of introduction as to why he believes his methods work so well etc, the meat of the system doesn’t start until around page 24, then the information on exercise carries on until page 104, with 105+ concentrating on nutrition.

Fat Burning Furnace ReviewFat Burning Furnace includes

  •     The 160-page FBF Blueprint eBook,
  •     12 months of email coaching
  •     Ultimate Success Tool Kit
  •     Workout Logs
  •     Metabolic Rate Calculator
  •     Body Fat Percentage Analyzer
  •     Nutrient Rich Recipes
  •     Free updates for 1 year

Fat Burning Furnace Review – Pros & Cons

Fat Burning Furnace Pros

  •     Well written and detailed guide
  •     Covers the reasons for exercise as well as telling you what to do so you know why the methods work as well as how they work
  •     Quick workouts with no warm up required, just 20 – 25 minutes in length
  •     No long cardio required, author states that his system gives a better cardio workout than long sessions on treadmills etc and tells you why
  •     Access to the author if you get stuck
  •     Gives a way to do a limited workout just using bodyweight if you don’t have any weights to use or access to a gym (also useful if on holiday)

Fat Burning Furnace Cons

  •   Fat Burning Furnace Review  Mainly about the exercises with some focus on eating right, not exactly a diet as much as a weight loss system
  •     No videos about the core exercises to show you exactly what to do, just pictures and explanations
  •     Exercises require weights which you either need to buy or be a member of a gym to get access to, unless you use the bodyweight exercises which do not cover everything
  •     Tries to sell you on a ProGrade food offer throughout the guide which can get annoying

Is Fat Burning Furnace Worth a Try?

Fat Burning Furnace was written by Rob Poulos, who suffered from childhood obesity. As a result, Rob spent over 15 years designing, testing, and perfecting the Fat Burning Furnace program and the 15-minute miracle with his wife Kalen. The FBF Diet is very well researched and Rob’s results and those of thousands of happy Fat Burning Furnace customers speak for themselves.

Fat Burning Furnace is our #1 reviewed diet and weight loss program for a reason – it’s very well designed, it’s easy to stick to, and it works!

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