Easy Profit Bot Review

Easy Profit Bot ReviewHello and thanks for this Jimmy Kim and Dan Briffa Easy Profit Bot Review, In this post I will try and get review access to Easy profit Bot so I will let you know my results as soon as I know more. I will be producing a full review as well as an awesome bonus.

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What is Easy Profit Bot?

Easy Profit Bot is all about making money with free traffic (from Google) with highly focused niche sites.  A basic explanation is this: follow the guide and video tutorials about how to select the right keywords, write content and find a good product to promote as an affiliate then use the software to build SEO optimized sites and let ti build the backlinks to get that site to the top of Google for a highly targeted buyer key term – then make lots of money in affiliate commissions.

Who is Behind Easy Profit Bot?

The program was created by Jimmy Kim and Dan Briffa.  Offhand I hadn't heard of either of these guys, but it turns out that Jimmy was an integral part of the teams that developed Commission Domination, Income Instruments, Clickbank Wealth Formula and a number of other successful products.

What does Easy Profit Bot include and do?

  • Easy Profit Bot includes both a software program and guide to using it to make money with highly focused niche sites.  The guide consists of a written course (mainly for reference) and a series of video tutorials (very useful for visual learners, like watching TV).
  • The core is the software though – this both builds highly SEO optimized websites in minutes – with content –  and builds backlinks consistently and automatically which will help your site get tot he top of Google fast, and stay there.
  • Highly optimised site + loads of high quality backlinks = Google #1 position
  • Also crucially, it includes a detailed guide that show you how to find keywords that are both profitable and uncompetitive/easy to rank at the top for.  This is possibly the number one reason people fail – the wrong keywords.  easy Profit Bot explains with lots of working examples, which keywords you should target.

The Easy Profit Bot Cost

$37+  The basic product is $37, there are some extras that you can buy later too. Is there a guarantee? Yes, there is a 100% 60 day money back guarantee.  If you pay with PayPal this is backed up by them too.

Will Easy Profit Bot make you rich?

The program in itself will not make anyone rich – it's all about what you do with the information and tools you obtain.  If you learn all there is to learn from the Easy Profit Bot training and use the tools effectively (as it tell you) then you should make some good money.  If you keep going, keep learning and experimenting and building it into a business then it's very possible – a lot of people have become rich with Internet marketing following the same methods and using the same tools that are included in Easy Profit Bot.  It will not make you any money just by buying it though -you have to take action.

Easy Profit Bot Pros

  • First of all, the people behind this are some of the most highly respected and successful Internet entrepreneurs to release such a product.  Jimmy Kim has been building businesses online for almost a decade and has been behind about twenty of the top Clickbank launches over the past few years.  Both are self-made Internet marketing millionaires and have a lot to teach.
  • The core of the product itself is a very useful tool; a software program that both builds highly SEO optimized websites and builds backlinks to them automatically and consistently across a wide range of different web sites – this makes them rise up the search engines rankings to the top of Google where all the profits are found.
  • There are also lots of training materials – both written tutorials and video guides – about how to follow the same methods and strategy as Jimmy and Dan to build a successful marketing business online.
  • The best thing though is that this strategy does actually work – when done correctly.  The biggest problem that many people who try SEO face is a lack of knowledge and tools – Easy Profit Bot includes both a solid understanding of how to get your site to the top of Google and how to make money from this, as well as the tools that you will need to make this happen.

Easy Profit Bot Cons

There are no serious flaws in this course – the main problem that people may have with it is that all of the marketing suggests that it;s so easy to make money with Easy profit Bot that they will assume all you have to do it buy it and it will make you rich.

That's not true – it will take a lot of work to make money with this

However, it's a lot easier with the tools that are included with Easy Profit Bot and the methods will work if you take action and put effort into it. The biggest problem with this product is the marketing – it makes it sound too easy and will leave lots of people disappointed.

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Easy Profit Bot Review

Easy Profit Bot Review

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