Digital Bankroll Review

Digital Bankroll ReviewHello and thanks for visiting this Digital Bankroll Review, If you have reached this review, you are probably wondering exactly what digital bankroll is, right? Is it yet another internet scam, trying to trick people out of their money? Or is this a product that actually does what it say it is going to? According to the creator, Mr. Matthew Neer, he guarantees that you will see the results promised.

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What is Digital Bankroll?

Digital Bankroll is a massive pay day, digitally. Money flooding into your PayPal account and your bank account completely on auto pilot. The ability to wake up, and getting an e-mail telling you that you just made a $10,000 income for the day. Digital bankroll is an e-book that, in a nut shell, teaches you how to make money online.Using sites like Click Bank, Amazon, and Commission Junction, to drive massive income to your PayPal and bank accounts.

Getting $10,000 every day, hell even every other day, would give you a very comfortable living. No boss to answer to, no more stressing over days you need off, no more living pay check to pay check. Now, I know what you are thinking, that what I say is just crazy and way out there, far far away from reality. Well you negative Nancy, your wrong.

There are people doing this every day of their lives. It is their reality, and it can be yours too, but no one is going to just hand over this way of life to you. Oh no, you are going to have to bust you ass, and work really hard before you can achieve the digital bankroll life. There are in fact three main steps you have to take, and take seriously, do even be able to dream about the digital bankroll lifestyle.

Digital Bankroll – How To Works?

You can't even take a step into the doorway of digital bankroll until you get your business model in place. And that is exactly what these three steps are going to do for you. They are going to create a foundation for you to build off of. HereĀ  are the stepsā€¦Digital Bankroll In Three Easy Steps!

1. Domain Name + Hosting

A domain name is pretty much, your own personal .com web address. For example, my web address is, that would be considered my domain name. You can get domains from many different websites, however is would highly recommend using Go for ll your domain and hosting needs!

Go Daddy has the cheapest prices on the internet for domain, plus they have promotions ALL THE TIME, in order to better serve their users. They also have .net &.org domains available, however different domains will run your different prices. For a .com you are looking at about $12.00 A YEAR. All other domains can very in price.

Hosting is essentially where you store all the files for you website domain, using Go Daddy's hosting is what I recommend you do. When you add files to your hosting account, they get put onto Go Daddy's server, and the go live on the web for everyone and their mother to take a looksy. You are looking at about $100.00 A YEAR for a hosting account, not to bad if you ask me.

2. The Squeeze Page

If you want to generate leads, meaning collecting names and e-mails from interested viewers, the you need a squeeze page. Why is that you may ask, because that is ALL a squeeze page does, that is it, that is it's only purpose. And in order for your business do go ANYWHERE you need new leads flowing into your business every single day.

A squeeze page is basically a one page website that appeals to the leads usually with a free thing being given away, and it captures their information ans stores it into a database, a database that you can access anytime. Kinda like a spider and a fly in its web, the fly comes and gets captures, the it is stored until the spider wants to feed on it more. I know kinda a weird visual, but there it is.

3. Auto Responder

What you have to understand about an auto responder, is that it goes hand in hand with a squeeze page. The database where your leads get stored, that is your auto responder. When a lead puts their name and e-mail into your squeeze page it goes to an auto responder website where you can access it all. You can then have emails sent to these leads, advertising whatever it is you wanna sell, without having to manually type it all out more than once. You can set it up to where you have your e-mails on auto pilot. It is that simple.

Is Digital Bankroll Worth a Try?

No it is very important that you take not of the fact, that one step will not work without the other. All three of these steps must be put into play in order for you to build your business model foundation. And this is just one chapter one chapter of the digital bankroll e-book. This e-book is the guide you need to learning how to make money online, FOR REAL! It is literally going to teach you all you need to know, this was just a taste.

Once you do that, and implement all the teachings Mr. Neer has to give, you will be able to fire your boss, make money from home, and be super wife, supper dupper mom, you will become WONDER WOMAN! For your kids, your husband, and yourself.

So all I have to ask you is this, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? You should never feel like your not there enough for your kids, your husband should feel neglected, and you should be able to work if you want to. So why not have all covered, choose Digital Bankroll TODAY!

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Digital Bankroll Review

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