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My Console Unlock Review

The Nintendo Wii gaming console has quickly become one of the most popular gaming consoles on the market. While the Wii is a technologically advanced gaming system it does have limitations. The Wii is designed to play only authentic Nintendo games that are manufactured specifically for the unit. If you want to bypass this limitation there are mod chips available that can be installed in the unit.

While mod chips are a solution installing these chips involves opening your system that will void your manufacturers warranty for life. A better alternative to installing the mod chip is investing in Console Unlock. Console Unlock is a safe and affordable alternative to investing in a modification chip and will keep your warranty intact if your system ever malfunctions. Understand the pros and the cons of investing in unlocking software and make a wise investment to improve your gaming experience.

Console Unlock Review – The Good Points

  • Console Unlock Software will give you the tools you need to play regular DVDs, Homebrew Applications, and import games on your Wii. If you have paid several hundred dollars for a gaming console you would expect it would be capable of playing a variety of different discs. This is not the case with the Wii. Nintendo specifically did this to prevent piracy and to profit off of game discs sales. This setback is very inconvenient for the user who wants to prevent clutter and use their gaming console for movies and music. One of the main benefits of investing in Console Unlock software is the fact that it is 100 percent reversible. If you have installed a mod chip in your console removing the mod chip is not easy and can cause irreversible damage to your system.
  • Another benefit of the software is the fact that you do not have to physically open your Wii to modify it. As stated you will void your warranty if the case is opened even once. This could become a costly mistake if you stumble across a defect in your gaming system. The software program is available for immediate download online. Once you purchase the program you can burn it and install it on your system in a matter of minutes.

Console Unlock Review – The Bad Points

  • The only setback that has been reported is the fact that you have to pay to have your console modified in the first place. This setback is not necessarily a reflection of the software program it is more of a reflection of the Wii itself. While you will have to spend money out-of-pocket the fact that you can use your unit for pretty much any entertainment function is well worth the investment.

Is Console Unlock Worth a Try?

If you want full access to all multimedia functions invest in Console Unlock. This intelligent software system will give you all the tools you need to make the most out of your belove Nintendo Wii. Avoid spending money having a professional install a mod chip and modify your Wii the easy way. You will keep your warranty and make your Wii perform at its optimal potential.

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