Btv Solo Review

Hi! welcome to this Btv Solo Review. I want to tell you about one of the best tools bar none for making beats you will ever come across on the net, and to be honest I think it now reigns king for many reasons. The product is called BTV Solo and let me preface this by saying I have already tried all the major and minor products on the market, as beat production is a fun hobby of mine. I've also gotten pretty serious about it lately, which is why I like BTV Solo so much and even decided to write a BTV Solo Review.

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BTV Solo Review

My BTV Solo Review

  • Make Professional Beats. With Btv Solo, it really allows me to focus on making hip hop beats professionally, so I can actually go to a rapper or artist who has skill or even fame and confidently pitch them my beat. When I was using some of those other programs that were only geared towards house music, I could never get that pro sound that really sets you apart from the crowd. When I started messing around with the BTV Solo production software, I immediately fell in love with it for this reason.
  • Btv Solo Pros. Another thing I love about BTVSolo is that the interface is very cool and very user friendly. You do not have to be a computer genius to be able to master this program, and you will absolutely shock yourself with the quality of original beats you can make from scratch even with little to no experience. My first time messing around with it I made a beat that I actually put on soundclick and sold several copies.. yes I had previous beat making experience with other softwares, but there is no way I could make a good beat that fast on any other program other than BTV Solo.
  • Made By People Who Know. The software is just like the hardware – however it's on your computer. This opens up all kinds of possibilities with midi, with importing unlimited samples, making skins, and more! The thing that is so obvious about Btv Solo is that it was made by true hip hop heads, not some mathematical engineers. That becomes more and more evident as you delve deeper in the program, and sample over 1000 pre-made beats that will have you boppin' your head whether you like to or not.
  • Try Our BTV Solo Demo Below. Keep in mind that this demo is for our BTV Solo Review purposes and is not even close to the real version. I have made it available so you can see a small part of the beat making process and how easy it is to make beats with BTV Solo.
  • BTV Solo Comes Packed With Sounds. BTV comes fully pre-packed with 1000+ sounds, beats, loops, drums, snares, melodies and more that you can customize, warp, combine, mix and add into your own truly original and unique sound. This is the first time that young hip hop producers and beat makers have a chance to match the sounds of producers like a Boi-1da, Timbaland or Dr. Dre beat by using the latest and greatest in today's technology.

Btv Solo Features At A Glance

  •     BTV Solo VideoWorks With PC & MAC
  •     MIDI Controller Enabled
  •     44.1 – Stereo – 16 bit – .wav in/out
  •     Computer Keyboard Triggers & Shortcuts!
  •     Hot Samples Used In Real Hit Music
  •     Import Your Own Samples, Drums, Kits, Etc.
  •     On Board Effects Kit Per Sound
  •     8 Octave Keyboard/Banks
  •     Create your own customized skins – Change the look anytime
  •     Make Beats, Melodies, Loops, Full Songs & More!

BTV Solo Conclusions

The bottom line is that there are tons of different beat making software companies out there claiming the world, but why would you listen to them pitching themselves? I have tried them all and can honestly say that BTV Solo is now #1 on top of my list. The fact that you're able to quickly and easily make world-class hip hop beats that actually sound professional is enough to push any aspiring beat maker over the edge. I hope you have enjoyed my BTV Solo Review and it has given you the information you were looking for.

As you can see, it only takes minutes to get started. Once you get going, then you can spend a lot of time exploring the many features of BTV SOLO. While it's easy to use, it's also extremely powerful, and producers at all levels around the world are using BTV SOLO to create their beats. So try it out, and start recording your own music for yourself, your friends, and artists you know. Who knows, you may become the next HIT MAKER TO DOMINATE YOUR CITY!!

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Btv solo Review

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