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ArticleRanks Review Hello and thanks for visiting this ArticleRanks Review. Since I have spoken positively about ArticleRanks, I figured an official review was in order. A note about backlinks and one way backlinks – You may know this by now but backlinks  are what ultimately affect your websites ranking in the search engines. With that said, it's only natural to try to get as many backlinks from as many places as possible. If you've done any kind of backlinking, you know that it can be a repetitive and time consuming task. Click below If You're looking for:

ArticleRanks Official Site

My ArticleRanks Review

I came across ArticleRanks on my search for a link building service that had the following features:

  •     Thousands of websites in the network
  •     Contextual links
  •     Hundreds of backlinks from minimal effort
  •     And a service that would help me get free search engine traffic

While the last bullet point is dependent on the keywords I choose, I found that ArticleRanks met the criteria I was looking for.

What is ArticleRanks 2.0?

ArticleRanks is a user submitted network of thousands of websites. In addition to the websites submitted by users, the founder also submits anywhere from 30-80 sites a month. These websites vary both in Page Rank and C Class IP Address.  Users submit Articles into the system and are allowed 3 contextual links per article.

ArticleRanks – The membership types

ArticleRanks comes with three different membership types.

  •     Credit Based – Add a website with a PR of 1 or higher into the network and receive credits in exchange. (these credits are then used to submit articles)
  •     Pay as you go – Pay a set amount and receive credits. These credits are then used to publish your articles
  •     Monthly – Receive unlimited submissions of Articles

How does ArticleRanks work?

Once you become a member of ArticleRanks,  you essentially write articles that are then spun and submitted into a network of thousands of blogs. Once your article is submitted, it is then drip fed into the network. I've found that I average around 50 publishes per article submitted. Each article allows up to 3 backlinks to a site of your choice. So I average about 150 backlinks per article. Not too shabby if you ask me.

So it's all good and well that we can get hundreds of backlinks from ArticleRanks, but what really matters is our websites ranking. Does this network help our websites ranking improve? If you did your keyword research, then the answer is a resounding yes. I have been able to rank medium competition terms and high competition keywords in markets that many claim are saturated (weight loss and the make money online niche) all with the help of ArticleRanks.

One keyword that I thought I'd never rank for, currently has 151 million competing pages. The websites in the top ten of Google for this keyword have a domain age of 3 or higher and an average page rank of 3. So where do I rank for this keyword? I'm currently ranked 5th! I am more than happy with  the results I have been getting. Will you get the same results? It really depends on your SEO knowledge. Please note that my ranking 5th for a high competition keyword is thanks in large part to the help of ArticleRanks and other Article syndication networks.

Is ArticleRanks Worth A Try?

If you are interested in ArticleRanks, I recommend that you watch the videos on the tutorial page to help you have a better understanding of the system. If you've used networks like seolinkvine, article marketing automation or free traffic system, the learning curve shouldn't be too high as these networks work in a similar manner.

I believe that this is a great way to get the word out about your business. Never underestimate the value of increased exposure. The more unique your website content, the more backlinks your blog articles have to your site, the more your search rankings will grow like never before with all the top-rated search engines. As ArticleRanks continues to redefine their product for webmasters and article marketers, you owe it to yourself to join and become contributors to a software that will revolutionize the future of marketing your business or brand. Try it today!

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ArticleRanks Review

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