Article Submitter Platinum Review

Article Submitter Platinum ReviewHello and thanks for visiting this Article Submitter Platinum Review, Article Submission is really a completely new writing and submitting articles software produced by Kaira Callen from bryxen software Corporation. It's designed to obtain quality one way backlinks via submit your posts to in excess of 374 article sites.

The Content Submission free version does help you save time and effort but it's still a little manual. You'll have to watch for each article web site to load and you'll still need to by hand choose a category striking submit on each one of these. Sometimes you'll have to login and connect your article fields too.

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Using the Article Submitter Platinum is really a different story, you just choose all the sites you want to undergo after which click submit and Article Submitter Platinum experiences all the sites for you personally instantly.

What's Article Submitter Platinum?

Article Submitter Platinum is really a new and upgraded version of Kaira Callen's Article Submission Gold. In which the gold version of Article Submission allow you to partly automate a submission process, Article Submitter Platinum goes completely. What which means is basically that you choose all of the article sites you need to submit your article to, click a control button and you are done. it will feel the listing of sites and complete all of the needed fields.

it could save you tons of your energy. The program works together with around 660 article sites (their email list is continually growing), although not all could be incorporated inside a fully automatic process. You are able to, obviously, still undergo individuals article sites, but you'll have to make use of the semi-automatic method (exactly the same that's utilized by Article Submission Gold).

This really is my review on Kaira Callen Article Submitter Platinum features:

Article Submitter Platinum comes with an auto submit feature that enables you to definitely undergo 100s (although not all) from the sites! You simply click submit and off it is going. This really is truly automatic however it does not undergo all the sites, no more than half 200 of these approximately. the main problem with this particular software programs are even though you already fill article category selection form in article submitter platinum, miracle traffic bot neglect to select the best category in article directory site.

Article submitter platinum can also be does not spin the content or rotate the title and resouce box, if you think maybe duplicate content penalty I believe miracle traffic bot isn't you're searching for.

Article submitter platinum also does not have automatic account creation. You have to make your own account by hand after which add them into miracle traffic bot.

Article submission is include high cost at $167, this really is $70 more costly than milan's automatic article submission. We have seen no reason behind this because of it's less quantity of features even when you match it up with articlebot that include $24.95, will still be much better than article submitter platinum feature.

Should you look for automatic article submission, I do not recomend miracle traffic bot for you personally, but when you're one of people that believe by hand submission is preferable to automatic submission, the semi automatic process from article submitter platinum maybe can help you for submission process.

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