Accounting Interview Domination Review

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Accounting Interview Domination Review

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Accounting Interview Domination Review

  •   Author Name : Aadesh Yardgur & Robert Prescott
  •   Official Website :
  •   Supreme Feature: 100% Money Back Guarantee before 60 days
  •   Price: $17.00

Accounting Interview Domination is a book by Deloitte and KPMG Co-op student Aadesh Yardgur and Cpa Robert Prescott. If you need to ace your Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PWC, and KPMG interviews, than the e-book is ideal for you. It really is filled with the kind of and straight answers you need to dominate your interview using these Big 4 accounting firms.

By using Accounting Interview Domination, you will see some valuable tips that shall equip you for your big interview. It's going to educate you on information Aadesh had learned from Robert that helped him excel as part of his interview and subsequently get yourself a job offer. Inside, you'll discover your interview questions utilized by the important 4 accounting firms, the very best sample strategies to an interview questions, the ‘Secret Winning Interview Preparation Combo' you have to know to execute well through the interview, making an enduring impression about the interviewer, 10 methods for success, plus more. You'll obtain access to the key success help guide to the pre-interview gather and dinner, the step-by-step guide and definitions from the main competencies how the Big 4 interviewer wants, also to Aadesh and Robert – that will offer you solutions to specific interview-related questions you will likely have.

Many people have previously proven that Accounting Interview Domination is guaranteed as they were given job offers with all the tips and hints they learned out of this guide. This may be also your way to succeed and also to landing your perfect job with one (or even more) from the Big 4 accounting firms.

Customer Testimonial

I almost didn't buy this book, your cash back guarantee pushed me to have it. It absolutely was one of the best investments I've produced in a long time. I will be starting a Co-op position this May – Thanks Robert & Aadesh! – Saqlain

You could have replied quicker to my email, but overall an excellent book just because a large amount of the questions actually showed up inside my interview  – thanks. – Randy

Thank you Aadesh & Robert because of this guide, Although within the book you describe that you simply created this book for selfish reasons (because your entire family friends wanted one-on-one consulting regarding how to ace their BIG4 interview and you also prefer to give them a complete book they can use on their own lol), I still thank you for work into creating something similar to this. It truly helped me with my interivew preparation with KPMG – Melissa

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