Tells Kitchen Review

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Tells Kitchen Review

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Tells Kitchen Review

  •   Author Name : Nicolas Fradet
  •   Official Website :
  •   Supreme Feature: 100% Money Back Guarantee before 60 days
  •   Price: $67.00

Would you like to become a specialist poker tells reader? Do you want to propel your game, improve your win rate, and crush the other players while dining? In case you have answered ‘yes' to the people questions, then Nicolas Fradet's Tells Kitchen is good for you. This poker tells training program provides you with the knowledge you will want to know being a professional in poker tells within the shortest time possible.

With Tells Kitchen poker tells course, you'll get immediate access to greater than 10 videos (about Thirty minutes each), instructing you on the strategy, tips, strategies, and principles that may affect the way you play live poker forever. Inside, you'll find the main poker tells, including the eyebrow flash and lip pursing; the micro-expressions which will explain to you your opponents' mind-set; the way to hide your personal tells; methods to detect nervousness or anxiety; the impact of distance related tells; methods for decoding anti-gravity tells; how you can detect deceit; baselines and tilt behaviors; plus much more.

Tells Kitchen may also coach you on the speaks of high quality pros like Brunson and Phil Hellmuth. Like them you as well can be an expert yourself. You are able to turn into a more lucrative poker player by using this program.

Four special gifts can also be yours whenever you choose the course, such as the Daily Variance Poker Vault.

Customer Testimonial

Hi Nic,Justgot in from my local poker club, Dusktill- Dawn Nottingham u.k. finished 2nd in a #50 freeze- out paid #747. Main reason for result was because a guy clustered when the flop came down he squinted, then pressed his lips on my c-bet, distanced, squinted again before shoving on my pkt 10s flop was A J 9 rainbow, turn 7d river 4c the guy had k9os. so where I called his shove, I would have folded as before joining your site I would of been looking at the board/flop instead of at the guys face. Thanks! – Andrew Walker

Learning to read gestures effectively inside the game continues to be the most important factor to my improved poker game in the last year and is a huge boost to my tell reading ability. Oahu is the only poker training school that concentrates on reading body gestures and explains the easiest way up and decipher poker tells. I suggest TellsKitchen to the live poker player who wishes to place their game to the next level by understanding how to read gestures. – Jason Spry

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