Rocket Japanese Review

Rocket Japanese ReviewKonnichiwa! Welcome to this Rocket Japanese Review. Want to immerse yourself in the rich Japanese culture? What's better than learning the language as well? Check out below how Rocket Japanese can help you learn the language of the samurais.

What is Rocket Japanese?

Rocket Japanese is a fun and interactive course for learning Japanese. It consists of downloadable transcripts, audios, and games to help you expand your Japanese vocabulary and conversational skills. Rocket Japanese is also designed in a way that would allow you to learn Japanese fast!

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Furthermore, you can easily transfer the lessons to your iPod or mp3 player so that you can learn Japanese just about anywhere!

What can Rocket Japanese do for you?

Rocket Japanese will help you…

Speak and improve your Japanese with every lesson by taking part in modern everyday conversations in the Rocket Japanese Premium 31-lesson Interactive Audio Course
Speak Japanese naturally by understanding the culture and how the language works. The Rocket Japanese package comes with 31 language and culture lessons that include easy-to-follow videos and step-by-step explanations on Japanese writing.
Build your Japanese vocabulary and improve your audio recognition of common Japanese words and phrases with the MegaJapanese software games.
Know how much your Japanese has improved with the Rocket Japanese interactive quizzes and Rocket Rehearsal self-tests.
Boost your Japanese-speaking confidence by getting certified with the Rocket Japanese Certificate Tests!
Have all your questions regarding the Japanese language answered by the Rocket Japanese teachers, native speakers, and fellow Japanese learners in the Rocket Japanese Forum.
Learn Japanese at your own pace. All the materials you need are available for access 24/7. So unlike taking actual Japanese lessons in a classroom context, you can learn the language anytime, anywhere.

How are you going to learn Japanese the Rocket Japanese way?

You'll be learning Japanese in no time with the help of the following tools:

31 Interactive Audio Lessons-These are composed of modern, everyday conversations that you can take part in. In each lesson, you will be introduced to new words and their meanings. You will also learn how they are written both in Hiragana and Katakana characters. From time to time, you will be asked to repeat the words and phrases and will be given a quiz on how much you recall the words you just learned. The audio tracks average 20 minutes each for a total of over 13 hours of audio lessons on the following topics:

  • o Greeting, Meeting, Food and Drink
  • o Travel
  • o Nightlife
  • o Arts and Culture
  • o Business Japanese

31 Language and Culture Lessons-This is bound to help you speak Japanese naturally. The people behind Rocket Japanese believe that if you're serious about learning a language, you have to understand the culture behind it. Rocket Japanese will give you insights into a wide variety of situations you're likely to encounter in Japan (ex. travel tips, transport, etiquette, Japanese food and drink, greetings, body language, etc.). There are over 1000 embedded audio clips and invaluable cultural tips. The Language and Culture component of Rocket Japanese Premium also includes a Japanese Writing Section that allows you to do the following:

  • o Watch easy-to-follow videos that show you how to write Japanese characters yourself
  • o Listen to embedded audio clips, to hear what each character or word sounds like
  • o Get step-by-step written explanations of how to read and write Japanese
  • o Learn about the fascinating history of the Japanese writing system

MegaJapanese Software Games-The games sure are a fun way to learn and reinforce your lessons.

  • o MegaVocab-This would help you build your Japanese vocabulary. It has over 1,000 words and 20 topics. Another great feature of this game is the MegaVocab Creator, which allows you to add your own extra words and pictures to the game.
  • o MegaAudio-This will improve your understanding of spoken Japanese. It will help you learn to recognize over 1,000 Japanese words in a short span of time. Soon, you can watch Japanese films without subtitles!

Rocket Japanese Rehearsal-This gives you the opportunity to test your newly acquired skills. After completing the test, you will be given a certificate!

Is Rocket Japanese worth it?

Rocket JapaneseRocket Japanese sure is a fun and effective way to learn the Japanese language. $99.95 may seem expensive but I tell you, with this multimedia package, it is totally worth it. The language was taught in such a way that you would really retain the words that you've learned and be able to come up with sentences by mixing them. The constant feedback and quizzes with each lesson stimulates the mind to remember the words and the context they are used in.

As for the online interface, it is very organized and easy to navigate. What I also really like about Rocket Japanese is that all the new words and phrases for each lesson are already tabulated for you for easy reviewing!

You may also opt to download the audio files so that you can take Rocket Japanese wherever you go.

Try out the online course for free and see just how fun and easy it is to learn Japanese with Rocket Japanese!

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