Registry Fix Review

Registry Fix ReviewHello and thanks for visiting this Registry Fix Review. Bear in mind that this is only a review. If you long for those times when your PC used to be real fast and without any problems, think no more! It's time to get that very good PC back by getting yourself a registry cleaner. One such registry cleaner is Registry Fix. In this review, you will find how Registry Fix can help you and how to fix your PC using its Easy 1 Click PC Repair feature.

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What is Registry Fix?

Registry Fix is a simple and easy to use registry scanning utility. It includes options and features that will help keep your computer running lean and mean but misses out on some extra features you may want in a registry scanning utility. Registry Fix is a program that allows you to repair errors in your Windows registry in order to prevent common PC problems. These include freezes, blue screens, application crashes, slow PC performance, and various error messages. It works for Microsoft Win 7 Windows XP, 2000, and ME.

Here are just some of the errors detected by Registry Fix

  •     Missing file associations
  •     Missing startup programs
  •     Invalid device drivers
  •     Invalid application paths
  •     Missing DLL files
  •     Missing help files
  •     Missing system fonts

How to clean up your registry with Registry Fix

All you need to do is open the Registry Fix application and click Scan Now. Then you can sit back and allow Registry Fix to do the rest.

Why is Registry Fix a good choice?

  •     Fast scanning speed. It scans your registry in as little as 4 seconds.
  •     No added load to CPU. This means you can very well use your computer while Registry Fix is performing a scan. It won't slow down your PC while it's running.
  •     Accurately fixes errors. This was tested using a third-party software, which revealed an accuracy of at least 96%.
  •     Effectively removes common registry errors. This test was performed by manually introducing a few common errors and seeing if Registry Fix can remove them. Fortunately, Registry Fix was able to remove all! There are other registry cleaners that cannot do so.
  •     Removes all errors in one scan. Unlike some other registry cleaners, Registry Fix can remove all errors in one scan such that performing another scan immediately thereafter will produce zero results.
  •     Effectively increases overall PC performance. Using another third-party software, Registry Fix was able to increase PC performance by about 8%. This made it rank second place out of 6 registry cleaners tested in terms of improved PC performance.
  •     Useful additional features. As with the Easy One-click scanning, these other features are also presented in a really easy-to-use interface. You'll surely know which buttons to click.
  1. Registry Fix Review

    Browser Helper Object Manager – allows you to manage your Internet explorer objects to ensure they are running the way you want them to.

  2. Startup Program Manager – You can boost your startup speed by controlling only which applications should run at startup.
  3. Add or Remove Program Manager – Be able to control all your programs and remove the ones you no longer need.
  4. Full Registry Backup Utility – allows you to control your backups and return your registry to its previous state, if needed.
  5. Registry Optimizer – Registry Fix doesn't only clean your registry. It can make it even better. A good registry cleaner should have this feature.

How much does Registry Fix cost?

You can first download your free trial and if you're satisfied with it, you may purchase the license for only $37. I tell you this is a good enough price for such a very good product. Clean up your Windows registry and get a faster PC without those horrible blue screens and application crashes now! If you want your PC back to how it was when it was still new, Registry Fix is just what you need.

Try Registry Fix – Click here to Start FREE Scan

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