Playing Through The Blues Review

Playing Through The Blues ReviewHello and thanks for visiting this Griff Hamlin Playing Through The Blues Review, Hey you guitar understanding searchers! Inside your pursuit to enhance your abilities, and become familiar with a new type of playing, I’ve something sweet and simple.

What is Playing Through The Blues?

Playing Through The Blues – Helpful Information for that Lead Guitarist is definitely an online training course targeted at people who wish to master the skill of playing blues guitar. Produced by Griff Hamlin, an experienced themself with two decades of expertise within this area, has handled to place up a training course that covers both rhythm and lead guitar. This program isn’t appropriate for absolute beginners. You have to atleast possess a fundamental understanding of guitar play and want to understand bar guitar chords, tabs etc.

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What’s Inside Playing Through The Blues

  • Playing Through The Blues e-book: It includes all of the necessary scales, fingering techniques, blues licks, techniques and blues solos you need to know.
  • Playing Through The Blues Rhythm and Guitar chords Module e-book: This book consists of all of the important guitar chords and rhythm guitar techniques.
  • Over 1 hour 30 minutes of video training for 18 blues rhythm training personally described and shown through the author Griff Hamlin themself at slow speed and full speed.
  • Complete transcribed solo good examples designed in tab and supported by audio good examples.
  • The primary lead guitar course composed well over 2 hours of step-by-step video training explaining each chapter inside a manner easily understandable through the user.

Playing Through The BluesPlaying Through The Blues Pros

  • Griff gives examples for everything, both audio and video.
  • Everything is notated so you can follow along with tab or sheet music style.
  • Griff uses “boxes” to describe different scale patterns which gives him an effective way to refer to different patterns during the lessons.
  • Lots of sample riffs and licks to give you ideas
  • Several sample solos complete with video tutorial, notation, audio examples, and jam tracks. Being able to play solos of this caliber is basically the goal of the program.
  • Several famous blues songs broken down in fine detail. Griff shows you how to play them using the techniques the “masters” used (BB King etc)
  • Members only blog where Griff personally answers questions related to the course
  • 56 Day Guarantee on the product: if you’re not happy, you get your money back

Playing Through The Blues Cons

  • No DVD option so you need to download everything (not really a large deal, however it might modify the odd person or two).
  • Very little focus on theory, which for me is crucial to comprehending the guitar, and just how to experience it. However, he is doing provide you with what you ought to know, even when he does not always explain why or how, from the theory perspective. I recognize a number of you really view this as an optimistic, but hey – I am the main one doing the review!

Playing Through The Blues – Conclusions

If you are acquainted with guitar chords and tab, and wish to learn blues guitar, than the is probably a great course for you personally. I’d rate this program of the same quality for many beginners, as well as some intermediate gamers. However, if you are already comfortable creating your personal solos in main, minor and pentatonic scale designs, then you definitely most likely will not learn a great deal past the specific riffs and solos that Griff shows.

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