Critical Bench Program 2.0 Review

The Critical Bench Program 2.0 ReviewHi! Welcome to this Mike Westerdal Critical Bench Program 2.0 Review.¬†Whether you’re a serious football player, wrestler, competitive powerlifter, or just someone who’s going into the gym and wants to maximize the progress they’re making with their program, one thing that you definitely will want to be doing is maximizing your bench press.

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What Is This The Critical Bench Program 2.0 For?

The Critical Bench Program 2.0 is a weight lifting program designed to help you increase your bench press by 50 pounds in 10 weeks. You’ll learn the same techniques program developer Mike Westerdal used to build up to a 400-plus pound bench press. If you’re a weight lifter who wants to build bigger muscles and take your training to the next level, this program is the product for you.

With The Critical Bench Program, you’ll learn how to train smart to gain maximum results and achieve your goals. You’ll learn the importance of stretching and warming up, the secret to training for strength, how to add variation to your training, the rest you should take when training for power and strength and much more.

You’ll also learn how to get in the right mindset before doing your bench press routine, how your lifestyle habits affect your training and how to use proper assistance exercises. If you’re a beginner, this e-book will show you how to get started the right way. If you’re an advanced lifter, this e-book will show you new ways to do your training. You’ll get several special bonuses along with your purchase of The Critical Bench Program.

The Critical Bench Program Author – Mike Westerdal

First things first, you need to learn who Mike Westerdal is anyway. Who the heck is he and why should you even bother listening to him? Mike Westerdal, author of the Critical Bench Program is an ACE certified personal trainer who also holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the Central CT State University.

He’s had great experience both playing and coaching professional football in Europe and now has created a program to help teach other athletes or bodybuilding-minded individuals how they can unleash their full potential with the bench press lift. He’s penned a number of articles that have been published in national weight lifting magazines such as REPS! And Powerlifting USA and has also been an amateur powerlifting competitor himself, where he competed in both the APF and APA federations.

To show that he’s a walking success story of his methods, Mike’s poundage for competition bench is 630 pounds and his weight for raw reps is 315 for a set of 15 and 405 if he’s doing a 5 rep set. Overall, based on his background and his own physique, you can tell that Mike knows his stuff.

The Critical Bench Program 2.0 – What You’ll Get?

When you sign up for the Critical Bench program 2.0, you’re going to get the training manual just discussed, but in addition to that, you’ll get the following to help improve your results:

  • Program logs and tracking sheets to assess your progress at every step throughout the program
  • An online DVD to help make all the concepts crystal clear (this is great for those who hate reading!)
  • A deload routine that can be utilized to help prevent overtraining while making sure you never take a step in the backward direction
  • Conversations with Elite Iron Warriors – a full guide of tips and tools that other star athletes and powerlifters have used to achieve success
  • A complete exercise guide so you fully understand how to perform each exercise
  • A guide to proper creatine usage so you can learn how to use this supplement to see faster gains
  • Two bonus guides of world bench press records

The Critical Bench Program 2.0 Review – Worth a Try?

I can truly say that the Critical Bench Program 2.0 is a gold mine for anyone who is interested in bench pressing more weight. It literally covers all the bases: training programs, nutrition, workout-charts, and exercise guides. Nothing is left to the imagination. My advice to you is that if are truly serious about adding 50 pounds to your bench press in 12 weeks, then you need to get the Critical Bench Program right now!

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Critical Bench Program 2.0 Review

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