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What is the Art Of Approaching?

Art Of ApproachingThe Art Of Approaching eBook is a man’s guide to interacting with the opposite sex. It does not only deal with how to strike up a conversation with women, it also gives tips on what to say and do in order to convert friendship into a real relationship. However, the main focus of the book is on communication, approaching the opposite sex, and the right things to say if you want to ask her out on a date.

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The author of the eBook is Joseph Matthews, aka Thundercat. Before he became a master of picking up beautiful women, he claims to be a nobody – neither exceptionally good-looking nor rich. However, his own experiences with women as well as a few discoveries have taught him that you don’t have to be really good-looking and rich for you to pick up any woman you desire. All it takes is attitude and saying the right words at the right time. In his book, Joseph shares how you can go from zero to hero too!

The Art Of Approaching: The Contents

The book is composed of 342 pages all in all so if you’re not much of a reader, this can be a downer. However, don’t despair. Incorporated in those 342 pages are Matthews’ personal experiences that will surely motivate and entertain you. The first part of the book is all about these experiences. Here, he talks about his trial and error tactics in dealing with women until finally coming up with his masterpiece, the Art Of Approaching eBook.

After the introduction, the eBook is now divided into the following sections:

The Art of Relationship Skills
The Art of Belief
The Art of Body Language
The Art of Confidence
The Art Of Approaching
The Art of Dating
The Art of Flirting
The Art of Storytelling
The Art of Being Social
The Art of Seduction

What will you learn from the Art Of Approaching eBook?

Conversation starters – jokes, opinions, situational openers, compliments, etc.
Key questions to ask yourself in order to succeed
Body language skills – learn how to act around her and decipher hers too
Eye contact secrets
Best ways and places to meet women
The fish and hook method of meeting and seducing women
Effective flirting
How to tell great stories
How to develop a great social network and meet tons of women
Tips on how to influence people and women

Is the Art Of Approaching for you?

I would recommend the Art Of Approaching eBook to anyone who feels like he is not good with women. Anybody, particularly the novice, can benefit a great deal from this book. It will help you build up your confidence, which is of primary importance in approaching women, as well as help you get the woman of your dreams.

On the contrary, the Art Of Approaching is definitely not for you if you’d rather play it safe with women. If you would rather keep it cool and spontaneous or you would rather show who you really are, then it is highly likely that you will not like the pick-up artist tactics contained in this book.

So, do you want to be smooth with women? If you do, the Art Of Approaching will surely be a good read for you. Download your copy now and go out there to meet as much women as you want! Remember, you don’t have to be good looking or rich. If you go with the teachings of Joseph Matthews, you’ll surely be surrounded with beautiful women real soon.

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Art Of Approaching Review

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