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100 TRADE JACK ReviewHello and thanks for visiting this 100 Trade Jack Review100 Trade Jack is probably the most unique stock trading service I have ever come across. And I mean that in a good way. The name 100 Trade Jack is derived from the owner and stock trader, whose name is Jack, and the goal of the service, which is to increase your trading account by 100% each year.

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There is a big difference, though, between 100 Trade Jack and probably any other stock trading service or newsletter you come across, and that is that Jack is most comfortable when his account is completely in the safety of cash. Cash? So how in the heck does he make money trading stock?

And that is the key. Jack only trades when he sees a compelling risk reward opportunity. This reminds me of the words of one of the world's wealthiest men and most successful investors, Warren Buffett. While Buffett is anything but a stock trader, it makes sense to heed his first two rules of investing:

  •     Never lose money
  •     Never forget Rule #1

This is not to say that 100 Trade Jack will never lose you money. What this means is that if Jack makes a trade he only does so because he feels there is an opportunity so compelling that it is worth giving up the safety of cash. 100 Trade Jack is not about gambling. Nor is it about excitement. It's about making money trading the stock market without taking crazy risks.

You see, Jack has been around a while, and actually, so have I. What Jack knows and I can confirm is that to make 100% per year trading the stock market you don't need to be trading stock every day or even in the market every day. In fact, you only need to be in the market about 8 weeks of the year. The key is to pick the right 8 weeks!

100 Trade Jack Risks His Own Money

What you will see if you join 100 Trade Jack is not some guys suggestion of what you should do with your money. Au contraire. You are seeing what Jack is doing with HIS OWN MONEY, and what you can do with your own money should you choose to. Jack trades stocks to make his living, he doesn't run a website to make a living. He is good at what he does and the biggest part of that job is knowing when NOT to trade stocks!

How 100 Trade Jack Works?

With 100 Trade Jack, you don't need to sit at your computer all day long waiting to see if Jack trades and be lightning quick on the keys to duplicate his trade. No, you just login to the 100 Trade Jack members area at around 3:40pm New York time and wait to see if something shows up in the comments section (it will show up live, you do NOT have to keep refreshing your browser). And it's just a simple browser window, no fancy software to install.

It's really pretty simple. There is a box showing what Jack owns, displayed as a percentage of his trading account. In the screenshot example above, the total of the positions comes to 80%, the remaining 20% will be shown to be in cash tomorrow as a result of the sale shown in the stocks sold today box.

On any given day there may or may not be activity, it depends on what Jack sees and likes – or doesn't like. As you can see in the example below, he gives a little warning if he is likely to be buying or selling, but it's best to be already logged into your trading account just in case.

For the day shown above, SIMG is all he bought. And as you can see, everything else is in the safety of cash. And don't be disappointed if that is the case. One thing I have learned over the years is that the market, or a given stock, is more apt to make a huge move to the DOWNSIDE than it is to the UPSIDE! And once an investment goes down it takes an even bigger move, percentage-wise, to return you to even.

It's simple mathematics. Buy a stock for $10 per share and a $2 drop is 20%. In order for that stock to trade at $10 again takes a increase of $2 (duh!) – but that is a 25% move from $8. So never despise a position of cash, especially considering the market volatility of recent years and especially recent months.

Why You Should Subscribe To 100 Trade Jack?

The bottom line is that you should subscribe to 100 Trade Jack if you want to increase the value of your brokerage account by placing trades only when the circumstances are in your favor, and only spending a few minutes per day to do it. If you are looking for excitement to occupy the majority of the trading day, then look elsewhere. Jack only trades at the end of the day. Some might even consider this service boring, especially after seeing him stay in cash for days at a time.

Just remember, though, that by being in cash you may be saving yourself thousands of dollars in losses that others take just to be in the game. 100 Trade Jack is NOT a game designed to entertain you. It's a 100% serious effort to make you money without taking excessive risk with your portfolio. If that interests you then try out 100 Trade Jack for 60 days. If you find out it's not for you, simply ask Jack for a refund.

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